In PUBG Mobile, it is common to see players using top up uc pubg mobile service to get the UMP45 skin to decorate it. Why is it so popular? There is a good reason for this, and in this article we will explore the key factors behind its widespread popularity.

There are three main reasons why the UMP45 is so good:

The first is the weapon handling; the UMP45 is a very easy gun to use. If we look at the recoil of the SMG, the recoil of the UMP looks quite good. It may have higher vertical recoil, but if you look at its damage, the recoil is very reasonable. The horizontal recoil is very small. The recoil of the UMP45 is very close to that of the M416, but the UMP45 feels easier to control because it does not have the heavy weapon kick or weapon jump and overall weapon jitter that you may experience when spraying with other weapons such as the M249. The UMP45 has a balanced firepower, which helps improve its overall efficiency. The number of bullets it fires per second, not too fast and not too slow, is very critical for hitting the perfect middle ground. This rate of fire is because it can be better controlled during continuous spraying, making it easier to track moving targets without sacrificing accuracy.

The second reason is its damage among SMGs, the UMP45 comes in second in damage, just slightly behind the Tommy Gun, it deals nearly 43 damage to the chest area, which is pretty impressive, in fact it deals more damage, it’s worth mentioning that it deals more damage than most 5.56 rifles except the AUG, if you look at the damage to the arms and legs area, the UMP45 deals 28 damage per hit, which means that even if the opponent is wearing a level 3 helmet, you can knock out your opponent within four shots. The arms and legs are not protected by armor, this is the biggest advantage of SMGs over assault rifles, they increase damage to unprotected body areas, I am not recommending that you only aim for arms and legs, but in a typical gunfight there are times when your shots are likely to hit these areas, when they do hit, the UMP45 has the advantage because the UMP45 effectively deals almost twice as much damage as the M4 or any other rifle, so the UMP45 is a very deadly weapon in close combat. Therefore, it works regardless of how it is used as long as it is used correctly.

The third main reason is customization, the UMP45 offers a wide range of attachment options for the muzzle, you can choose between a flash hider or a compensator to reduce recoil, and if you prefer a more stealthy approach, you can go for a silencer. There are multiple grips, you can use a laser sight for better hip-fire accuracy, or a thumb grip for faster aiming speed and reduced recoil. The magazine slot can be used for extended magazines or quick magazines. You can put the scope from red dot to 6X, only a few weapons in this game offer this level of customization, and the UMP45 is full of complete customization. But even without any attachments, the UMP45 still performs very well. All these are three main reasons why the UMP45 is now the first choice for many players.

Lastly, it is the most reliable melee weapon in this game, but just like any weapon, it also has its own disadvantages, namely being a submachine gun means it is limited to close-range combat, and as the distance increases, its effectiveness will decrease, but the biggest advantage of the UMP45 is that it is the best early game weapon. Imagine that you have just landed and found the UMP45, you are lucky because of its high damage and incredible reliability capabilities, it is very easy to control. In fact, any player can pick it up and start using it immediately, it’s a great run and gun weapon. But once you enter the mid-game stage, the UMP45 becomes less effective because you now have to deal with medium and long-range targets, but you can still run the UMP45 as a primary weapon for close combat. For primary weapons, you need to use something like DP28, which can handle medium-range combat. Even in the endgame stage, the UMP45 is still strong against a level 3 armor player, because you deal a lot of damage to the arm and leg areas that are not protected by armor, and you can knock down an enemy with just four shots, so yes, the UMP45 is that powerful. If you have a different point of view, welcome to share with everyone!