Have you ever been in an intense battle in PUBG, only to feel helpless due to the use of weapons? You may feel that the attachments you get using pubg g coin top up service are not good enough. In fact, the biggest reason is that the recoil of the weapon is not effectively managed. Weapon recoil management is important to victory in the game, so players want to know how to effectively control recoil in the game. Controlling recoil is all about managing the recoil of the weapon after firing to ensure the shot stays on target. First, let’s understand recoil.

Vertical Recoil
The vertical recoil is the predictable upward kick of the weapon when firing automatically. It moves at a relatively constant speed that can be countered by pulling the mouse down at a matching speed to keep the crosshair steady. Attachments like vertical grips and compensators help reduce this vertical recoil.

Horizontal Recoil
The horizontal recoil is the random left-right movement of the crosshair during automatic fire. It is unpredictable and requires quick corrections by realigning the crosshair horizontally as it deviates. Leaning can slightly affect the horizontal recoil pattern.

Now that the common sense of recoil has been introduced, the next step is the impact of recoil on game play, which mainly includes the following aspects:

Accuracy and Target Acquisition
The upward and sideways movement caused by recoil makes it challenging to keep shots accurately on target, especially during sustained automatic fire. Proper recoil control is essential for landing consistent hits and quickly reacquiring targets after the first few shots.

Effective Firing Ranges
Weapons with higher recoil become increasingly difficult to control at longer ranges, limiting their effective usable distances. Low recoil guns like the UMP45 is more viable for medium-to-long range engagements.

Attachment Importance
Attachments like compensators, vertical grips, and stocks play a vital role in mitigating recoil for different weapon classes. Equipping the right attachments can drastically improve recoil management and weapon performance.

Firing Mode Tactics
Recoil makes it necessary to employ different firing modes tactically – single taps for long range, burst fire for medium range, and full-auto for close quarters. Mastering these modes is key to maximizing accuracy while minimizing ammunition waste.

To combat the effects of recoil mentioned above, here are some tips:
1. Using low recoil weapons like UMP45 initially.
2. Equipping recoil-reducing attachments like compensators.
3. Learning and compensating for each weapon’s unique recoil pattern.
4. Pulling down mouse at constant speed to counter vertical recoil.
5. Quickly realigning for horizontal recoil deviations.
6. Practicing recoil control regularly in training mode.

Finally, make full use of these methods in the game to better manage recoil and gain more happiness!