PUBG Ranking is a special feature of the game. The ranking system allows players to pay more attention to improving their operating skills. It’s worth mentioning that XP levels only represent how long someone has played the game, not skill level. Ranking is not the same as XP level. PUBG rankings have been around for a while, and it’s clear that they’re here to stay. In this article, we’ll take a look at the different PUBG PC rankings, explore how the ranking system works, and give you tips on how to improve your rankings.

Players are ranked through the competitive mode, and only when the survival level reaches level 80 or above can they be ranked competitively. If you do not meet the above conditions, but you really want to compete in ranked matches, you can search for pubg steam account for sale and get the corresponding account for exciting ranked matches.

PUBG rank category
All PUBG ranking tiers from low to high are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster. Each ranking segment has 5 levels, and the corresponding numbers are 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 respectively. When you have enough ranking points, you can enter a higher level ranking segment, and the new segment will start from the corresponding level 5. Grandmaster is a title exclusive to the top 500 players in the game.

Rank points
Ranked Points (RP) in PUBG are a measure of a player’s skill level and are adjusted after each ranked match. In PUBG PC, players earn ranking points based on their performance in matches. The main factors are: kills, assists and your ranking in the match.

Factors such as the player’s current ranking, the opponent’s ranking, and the player’s performance in the match will affect points gained or lost. Obviously, if you perform well and rank high, you’ll gain a lot of reputation points. If you’re in a lower position and don’t kill anyone, you lose reputation points.

No one can explain how these score increases or decreases are calculated, so there is no point in obsessing over how to calculate the score. You only need to focus on your own performance in the game.

Players at Diamond level or above are required to play the game at least once a week in order to avoid their rankings dropping.

Tips for improving your rankings
1. Master the maps and landing spots
· Learn the maps inside out – know the terrain, loot locations, rotations, and high ground areas.
· Land at good locations that offer loot, cover, and positioning advantage over other players.

2. Improve gunplay skills
· Practice recoil control, aim, and movement in the Training Mode.
· Play Team Deathmatch to constantly engage in firefights and improve shooting mechanics.

3. Play strategically
· Balance between getting kills and surviving to the end game for maximum rank points.
· Make smart decisions, don’t take unnecessary risks that can get you eliminated early.

4. Coordinate with teammates
· Effective communication and coordination with squad mates is crucial for winning fights.
· Assign roles like snipers, flankers, support etc. and play to your team’s strengths.

5. Grind matches consistently
· Playing more matches allows you to gain experience and rank points faster.
· Focus on consistent performance rather than just aiming for chicken dinners.

6. Stay updated on game changes
· Keep track of map updates, weapon balancing, and new features that can impact your gameplay.

Finally, by understanding the PUBG ranking system and applying the above-mentioned techniques in practice, you will eventually achieve the ranking you want.