The Lucky Wheel is a gambling feature introduced in GTA Online with the Diamond Casino & Resort update. It is a large spinning wheel located inside the Diamond Casino that players can spin once per in-game day for a chance to win prizes. Prizes include GTA cash, RP, clothing, mystery prizes, and the highly coveted Podium Vehicle. Of course, you can indirectly obtain cash and vehicles through modded gta accounts.

Spinning the Wheel
Players simply interact with the Lucky Wheel and use the on-screen prompt to give it a spin. The wheel will slowly rotate and eventually land on one of the prize wedges to determine the reward. There is a 24-hour cooldown before being able to spin again.

Winning the Podium Vehicle
The Podium Vehicle is considered the top prize and changes weekly. It is extremely difficult to land directly on the thin vehicle wedge through normal spins. However, there is a timing exploit that allows players to control where the wheel stops and win the Podium Vehicle reliably.
The timing exploit involves: Waiting exactly 4 seconds after the “Use to spin” prompt appears, then quickly flicking the analog stick up and down to make the wheel do a slow rotation, with precise timing, this will land the wheel on the vehicle wedge every time.

Players’ opinions
In response to the loophole mentioned above, some players believe that there is no strategy to Lucky Wheel. From the moment you press the E key to grab the wheel, the result is determined. The game will choose a random number between 0 and 19, with 18 being the podium car. Nothing you do will affect this random number. All timing and all visual effects are purely cosmetic. Waiting 4 seconds before spinning has absolutely no effect, because the winning part will be chosen before you start waiting; Other players believe that waiting 2.6 seconds is the best time, and they have obtained multiple casino cars using this method. You just need to be on time. If you do it a tenth of a second earlier or later, you will land in the slot before or after the car, which honestly proves that it is not random, but based on factors such as how hard you pull the joystick and how long you wait.

So, is the Lucky Wheel random? I look forward to your opinion.