As we all know, Michael and Trevor are characters in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5). I use GTA 5 Modded Accounts to participate in the world of GTA 5. I have been immersed in the game for a while and have a poor understanding of the characters in the game. Here are my views on the above two characters.

Michael runs people over on the way to therapy and says “Even on the way over here I think I killed someone, and you know what? I don’t even care” and threatens to kill his wife in front of their children when she said she’d have his arrested. We’re not arguing whether they’re good people or not, they’re not.

It’s not really about intention, because the intention for both Michael and Trevor is trying to avoid, or get out in front of, pain. They have different instincts of doing it. Trevor is to become what terrified him as a child so no one has power over him, and michael is to prioritize survival.

Both make most of their efforts in attempt to cope with the same fear of abandonment. Michael is scared that if he owns the bad shit he does, the people who love him are gonna see what he brings to the table and bail, so he pushes them away, but he’s often incapable of sitting with him being the reason in any fashion. This makes him feel worse because it validates that michael can’t connect. “Maybe i’m unlovable”.

Trevor keeps underlings dependent on him (and does things like tries to hold on too tight to Michael in North Yankton like he says after the game). This makes him feel worse because it validates that Trevor has to manufacture respect. Trevor owns making people uncomfortable, so that when someone leaves he can say “Well, it was my gross environment, or my appearance, or my actions that drove them away”, so that he doesn’t have to deal with the real reason which is “Maybe i’m just unlovable”. Their intent isn’t really what separates them, their intents and fears are basically the same.

I’m harping on Michael more than Trevor because you don’t need someone to tell you Trevor’s bad. Michael spends most of the game using his self loathing as a tool to put himself in a victim position, which works with the audience 90% of the time. It’s the easiest take away, it’s the surface level understanding of the game. But it matters that technically Michael has more power over Trevor most of the time in their relationship, and that there is no timeline where Trevor kills Franklin or Michael.

Finally, everyone is welcome to share your views on the two characters in the game.