The Cluckin Bell Farm Raid is a new heist-like cooperative mission added to GTA Online in the Los Santos Drug Wars update. It involves a series of 6 missions culminating in a raid on a Cluckin Bell chicken factory that is being used as a front for a drug cartel’s cocaine operation. Level and equipment are the basis for successfully completing the Cluckin Bell Farm Raid, and you can use cheap gta modded accounts to complete the raid, which is convenient and quick. Next, let’s understand the details of the tasks mentioned above.

Task Details

Slush FundSteal cash from a money laundering front
Pecking OrderSteal a truck full of chicken feed laced with cocaine
Fowl PlaySteal a Cluckin’ Bell truck to transport the cocaine
Chicken ChopperSteal a helicopter to provide air support
Cock of the WalkErase CCTV footage at the factory to avoid detection
Scene of the CrimeInfiltrate the factory and steal the cartel’s cocaine

The Cluckin Bell Farm Raid includes the 6 tasks shown in the table, and the rewards for completing the raid are also quite generous.

· Completing the raid unlocks the Gauntlet Interceptor vehicle for purchase.
· A Cluckin’ Bell Cap clothing item is awarded for earning $50,000 from the raid.

Faced with such tempting rewards, here we share some strategies to help everyone successfully complete the raid and win the rewards.


· Play on Easy difficulty for faster enemy kills since the payout is the same.
· The raid can be replayed after a cooldown period by revisiting Vincent.
· Laptop to steal is always gonna be on a table.
· Steal the military equipment and gear – Just drive kuruma right next to it, hop out, grab it, hop back in. The plane/hangar/big boxes give ample cover. Should only have to kill like 6 dudes.
· Disrupting the delivery trucks – Doing the truck sabbotage for the stealth approach is easy.
· You can hop off the tracks at the Sandy Shores airfield and lose the cops on the hills between there and Madrazo’s ranch, it’s a much faster and direct way to the lockup.
· Getaway vehicle – The Sugoi works best on train tracks. Tulips are extremely scary on train tracks and constantly bounce around on the tracks. To get the Sugoi, you must kill a few people before entering the area, move the Granger away from the tilted trash can, then drive the Granger as close to the car as possible, kill whoever you can and then run away!
· In the final mission, erase the CCTV footage to enter the factory undetected.

Finally, I wish you a successful completion of the Cluckin Bell Farm Raid.