The reason why the melee construction in Elden Ring is very popular among players is that during the battle, players can show off their own operations and gain more happiness. Next let’s talk about Spirit Summons in a melee build.

1. Mimic Tear Ashes
Mimic Tear Ashes actually take the form of your character and make a simple copy of your character. When used, the imitator will appear and use whatever equipment you are wearing at the time. If you want your imitator to be as effective as possible, simply put on your best gear before summoning him, then easily switch to lighter gear mid-battle. Additionally, the imitator can use your healing spells to heal himself over time. It’s worth mentioning that the imitator will drain your health when summoned, be sure to be careful and take this into account when encountering boss rooms, as your health will be very low once summoned.

2. Black Knife Tiche
Black Knife Tiche is suitable for the mid to late game. When fighting smaller enemies, she is so fast and agile that she can always keep her distance from them without getting hit. When fighting bosses, she is like a god. She has the ability to unleash death runes. This power damages the enemy while reducing his maximum health, a phenomenon commonly referred to as health melt. The disadvantage is that her health is not very high, but she is definitely worth summoning because the damage she deals is very considerable.

3. Mausoleum Soldier Ashes
Mausoleum Soldier Ashes will summon five mausoleum soldier souls to come out and fight for you. When you have five of them fighting a boss at the same time they do a great job of confusing the boss because the boss doesn’t know who to attack. The five of them do a great job of sharing hatred and can cause huge damage to the boss. When you encounter a boss, you can summon these guys and sit safely at a distance. Of course, if the boss has a lot of AOE damage or a very big swing, they will be easily killed.

4. Redmane Knight Ogha
Redmane Knight Ogha is nearly perfect. Not only can he use a huge longbow for long-range attacks, he can also directly attack with a huge sword to the face. His bow has two different attacks, one is a normal arrow attack, and the other is a charged arrow attack that does a lot of damage. He has constant DPS against bosses with the help of arrows, usually placing him far away from a giant boss encounter room where he will constantly fill them with arrows. He deals tons of damage when he draws his sword, so he’s great at taking down bosses.

5. Lhutel the Headless
Lhutel the Headless is to be commended. She carries a shield and a spear. She has the ability to throw spears, which can cause a lot of damage when thrown at enemies at short to medium range. In melee combat, she is also very good at blocking large amounts of damage with her massive shield. Another cool ability of hers is that whenever she gets close to taking damage, she will teleport behind an enemy or to a safe area to avoid being surrounded by them.

6. Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff
Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff is really, really good. When surrounded by a small group of enemies, his spear can be pointed skyward to summon lightning, dealing powerful lightning damage to his enemies. When he’s close to a boss, he can take a lot of damage because his shield serves as protection. His ranged attacks combined with the fact that he can survive for a long time make him great in boss encounters.