Elden Ring is a vast, open-ended role-playing game that offers players more freedom and flexibility in how they play. Here we share some hidden tricks in the game.

1. Use of ladders
There are some scenes in the game where you will encounter ladders. Climb the ladder, go down the ladder, it sounds simple when you talk about it in the game. Here are some things you need to know in order to do this efficiently. If you’re climbing or descending a ladder, hold down the dodge button and you’ll move faster. It’s worth mentioning that you can use flasks while mounted on a ladder.

2. Throw Rainbow Stones
When you fall and all you care about is whether it will kill you, Rainbow Stones can help answer your questions. The Rainbow Stone is a consumable item that can be used to test the safety of falling. So, when you need to fall, throw a Rainbow Stone from the ledge, if it lands softly it indicates the fall is survivable, if it shatters loudly it indicates the fall is fatal.

3. Destroy the glowing skulls
As you explore the world, you’ll occasionally encounter slightly glowing skulls, which are eerie. Still, they can actually be destroyed, so keep your eyes peeled for spotting and destroying them, and you’ll be richly rewarded. These skulls can be found all over the world, so keep an eye out.

4. Perform gestures
Like most other games of this type, you can perform gestures in the game, which are primarily used for communication in multiplayer games, but they have additional functionality in this game. Certain puzzles and missions can only be solved through the correct use of emotes, such as a certain tower in the game that seems to reach a dead end, but in fact you only need to make the erudition gesture in front of the altar, and a ghostly ladder will suddenly appear. There’s an even crazier one that has to do with the howling you can hear in the Mistwood. If you talk to the vendor in the Church of Elleh, he tells you to do something at the source of the howling. Then get to where the howl is coming from and use the snap gesture and a half-wolf warrior will appear with a complete quest line you can follow. So if you hit a dead end, trying to find clues, expressions or similar actions might be the solution.

5. Find the illusory walls
Did you know that some of the walls in the game are fake walls, they are often called illusory walls? Illusory walls literally mean walls that appear solid but are actually an illusion that can be dispelled by hitting them with a weapon or spell. Illusory walls are used to hide secret passages, treasures, optional bosses, and other hidden content throughout the game world. The illusory walls in Elden Ring sometimes require multiple attacks to fully break.
You can use a variety of techniques to spot illusory walls, such as looking for walls with no visible ledges at the bottom, or using messages left by other players as clues. Places like the Academy Crystal Cave, Academy of Raya Lucaria, Caelid Catacombs, Road’s End Cave, and more all have illusory walls.

6. Catch the Teardrop Scarabs
Teardrop Scarabs are special creatures in Elden Ring. These buggers are elusive creatures that you’ll find all over the world. Agheel Lake, Siofra River Well, and other places have Teardrop Scarabs. They’ll come in different varieties and their only goal is to make sure you don’t catch them. When you see a scarab you need to act quickly and try to kill it before it disappears. Killing a Crimson Tear Scarab will restore three charges to your flask of crimson tears, killing a Cerulean Tear Scarab will restore three charges to your flask of cerulean tears. Anytime you see a Teardrop Scarab you should beeline it and end their life as quick as possible as they don’t stick around for long.