Diablo 4 Season 2: Best Builds For PvE Leveling, Endgame and PvP

Diablo 4 Season 2 Best Builds

Diablo 4 Season 2 has been a lot of balance changes, as well as new items, paragon glyphs and unique Diablo 4 items added. With these in mind, knowing which builds will be strong this season is important. So in this guide, let’s take a look at the best builds for all classes – and for both leveling and endgame in Season 2.

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Best Leveling Builds

STwisting Blades Rogue
Chain Lightning Sorc
Blood Surge Necro
Summoner Sever Necro
Blood Surge Necro
AFlurry Rogue
Barrage Rogue
Upheaval Barbarian
Ice Shards Sorc
Barrage Rogue
Blight Necro
BBone Spear Necro
Arc Lash Sorc
Penetrating Shot Rogue
HotA Barbarian
Thorns Barbarian
Shred Druid
CPure Summoner Necro
Pulverize Druid
Blood Lance Necro
Whirlwind Barbarian
DLandslide Druid
Companion Druid
Double Swing Barb

Best Endgame Builds

SStormclaw Druid
Twisting Blades Rogue
Pulverize Druid
Firewall Sorc
Bone Spear Necro
ADeath Trap Rogue
Ice Shards Sorc
Barrage Rogue
Werenado Druid
Earthquake Barb
Blood Lance Necro
Penetrating Shot Rogue
Blizzard Sorc
Upheaval Barb
HotA Barb
BTrampleslide Druid
Meteor Sorc
Pure Summoner Necro
Lightning Druid
Bloodsurge Necro
Whirlwind Barb
Thorns Barb
Blight Necro
CLightning Shred Druid
Arc Lash Sorc
Poison Shred Druid
Fireball Sorc
DCompanion Druid
Sever Necro
Frozen Orb Sorc

Best PVP Builds

SorcererIce Shards Sorcerer
BarbarianWhirlwind Barbarian
DruidLandslide Druid
NecromancerBone Spear Necro
RogueTwisting Blades Rogue

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