Welcome to the exhilarating world of Diablo 4, where the recently released Abire of Zia event has taken the gaming community by storm. Today, we dive deep into a strategy that helped me clear a tier six on the first day – an impressive feat for any Necromancer enthusiast.

Conquer Diablo 4: Elite Necromancer Guide for Abire Event

The Necromancer’s Challenge

As a Necromancer in Diablo 4, maneuvering through the Abire of Zia can be daunting. Have your D4 items ready if necessary. The class faces significant challenges, particularly against Blood Seekers with their varied affixes. My initial attempts with the Bone Spar build, while effective against mobs, faltered against these formidable foes.

The Infinite Mist Build: A Game-Changer

After various trials, the Infinite Mist build emerged as the solution. Focusing on survivability over raw damage, this build proved effective in the long battles, especially against Blood Seekers. It leverages damage avoidance and a gradual damage build-up, significantly improving chances of success.

Key Attributes of the Infinite Mist Build:

  • Lower Damage, Higher Survivability: Optimizes for long fights rather than quick mob clearance.
  • Penta Dot Necromancer: A popular choice for Zur clearing, offering a balanced approach between damage and durability.

Skill Tree and Strategy

Skill Allocation:

  1. Basic Skills: Allocate minimal points as a gateway to advanced skills.
  2. Blight and Supernatural Enhancement: Enhances Shadow damage over time.
  3. Grim Harvest and Fuel by Death: Essential for Essence generation and damage boosting.
  4. Decrepify and Amplified Damage: Increases overall damage output.
  5. Corpse Tendrils and Gloom: For movement and additional damage.
  6. Memento Mori and Shadow Blind: Core passives for maximizing damage.

Book of the Dead:

  • Focus on maximizing armor and resistance.
  • Opt for cold mages for vulnerability increase and iron golem for critical strike damage.

Vampiric Powers:

  • Utilize powers like Meta for Unstoppable and Essence generation.

Gear and Paragon Board

Essential Gear:

  • Helmet: Disobedience for armor boost.
  • Chest: Shielding Storm to synergize with bone storms.
  • Gloves and Legs: Aim for Shadow damage and Essence generation.
  • Boots: Choose based on affixes for damage reduction and mobility.

Paragon Board Strategy:

  • Focus on enhancing magic nodes, armor, and intelligence.
  • Prioritize damage reduction and critical strike damage.

Gameplay Tactics

  • Utilize Decrepify extensively for enemy debuffs.
  • Manage Essence carefully for sustained damage output.
  • Employ strategic positioning and movement to avoid heavy damage.

Challenges and Progression

Despite these strategies, the Necromancer class faces inherent challenges in the Abire of Zia event. However, with careful planning and skillful execution, overcoming these obstacles is possible. It’s advisable to gradually progress through the tiers, enhancing your build and strategy with each attempt.


While the Necromancer may not currently stand as the most robust class in Diablo 4’s Abire of Zia event, this guide provides a viable path to success. By focusing on survivability, skillful use of abilities, and strategic gear choices, players can conquer the challenges and emerge victorious in this demanding event. Keep experimenting, and enjoy the thrill of Diablo 4!

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