Escape from Tarkov (EFT) is a hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features developed by the Russian studio Battlestate Games. We often hear players complaining that EFT is difficult. If you also encounter difficulties in the game, try tarkov carry service, which is convenient and guaranteed. Although the game is difficult, it is still very popular. What makes Escape from Tarkov stand out among the many FPS? Certainly the realism of it. Its realism is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Different ammunition types have varying damage, penetration, and recoil values that closely mirror real-world ballistic performance. Higher penetration rounds like M62 7.62x51mm can defeat even the best armors, just as they would in reality. Ammunition must be compatible with the specific gun’s caliber, just like real firearms. Many ammunition types use real-world designations like M855A1 for 5.56mm NATO rounds. Therefore, players cannot simply load any bullet into any gun and need to carefully select ammo based on the threat. It is very necessary for players to choose escape from tarkov bullet accurately.

Armor can also reflect the realism of the game. Many armors in Tarkov are modeled after real-world counterparts with accurate details. Some armors can be customized with different plates, enhancing immersion. Tarkov features different types of armor like full armor vests and lighter armored rigs/plate carriers. Armors in Tarkov are classified into 6 levels based on their protective capabilities against penetration. Higher class armors like Level 5 and 6 can stop powerful rifle rounds, just as they would in reality. Each armor has detailed stats on protection levels, durability, and mobility/ergonomics penalties. Heavier armors offer more protection but reduce movement speed and agility.

In reality, modifying guns and armor is common, and it can also be done in the game. Escape from Tarkov is renowned for its extensive weapon customization system, which allows players to modify and build their firearms in incredible detail. Tarkov aims to replicate real weapons and their attachments as closely as possible by bringing in products from actual firearms companies like Colt, Knights Armament, Daniel Defense, and Magpul. This allows players an extremely wide variety of options to customize their weapons to suit their preferred playstyle. No other game comes close to Tarkov’s level of weapon modding depth. Players can change minute details like gas blocks, iron sights, charging handles, and even the color of certain parts. While not as deep as the weapon modding, Tarkov also allows customization of chest rigs, armor, backpacks, and gear setups. This adds another layer of personalization to loadouts based on preferred protection vs mobility balance.

Speaking of realism, we have to talk about the economy in the game. Tarkov utilizes multiple real-world currencies like Roubles, Dollars, Euros, and even Bitcoins within its economy. The exchange rates between these currencies are tied to actual real-world rates, adding an immersive layer of realism. Recent events like the depreciation of the Russian Rouble have directly impacted in-game prices and trade values, just as they would in reality. While the developers control overall supply, Tarkov aims to have a player-driven economy with trading systems like the Flea Market. Players can buy, sell and barter items based on supply and demand, leading to realistic market forces and price fluctuations. Scarcity of items can occur when traders run out of stock or die, impacting the economy organically. As players progress, the demand for high-tier gear increases while income rises, potentially causing economic imbalances and inflation over time. This mirrors real-world challenges businesses face in managing growth and economic stability as an operation expands.

In short, Escape from Tarkov brings a sense of reality to players and makes them enjoy it!