The Doomsday Heist is considered one of the most difficult and complex heists in GTA Online. Using a gta online modded account can help you build an advantage in GTA Online and help you overcome challenges. You can complete Doomsday Heist by following the steps below:

1.High-Level Character: Ensure one of your characters, “H,” has a high level and owns necessary vehicles and ammunition. This will make the heist easier to complete.

2.Second Character: Create a second character, “L,” who should be a CEO and own a Facility and an Office. This will allow for automatic healing of “H” during the heist.

3.Armored Vehicles: Obtain armored vehicles like the Insurgent Pickup Custom (IPC) or the armored Kuruma. These vehicles provide protection and can be used effectively with two characters.

4.Minigun or Widowmaker: Acquire a minigun or Widowmaker for added firepower.

5.Thermal Vision Scope: Use a thermal vision scope to enhance your vision during the heist.

Soloing the Heist
1.Choose Difficulty: Select a difficulty level, but it is recommended to play on Normal.

2.Use Two PCs or Consoles: Keep both PCs or consoles next to each other to quickly switch between characters.

3.Idle Timer: Remember to move the mouse or press a button every 15 minutes to avoid the idle timer.

Act 1
1.Dead Courier: Use an armored personal vehicle like the IPC or armored Kuruma.

2.Teams: Assign “H” as the paramedic and “L” as the Recovery.

3.Control Center: Protect “L” while “H” hacks. Use the hacking minigame to restore “H’s” health.

4.Escape: After hacking, lead “L” to the markers and complete the rest of the work alone.

Skipping Preps and Setups
1.Pay for Preps: Hold down the pay button and immediately press right on the d-pad to skip preps.

2.Confirm Payment: If done correctly, you will hear a double bleep sound and see the option to confirm payment.

3.Repeat for Each Prep: Skip all preps for each act using this method.

4.Host Planning Screen: Turn the host planning screen off and on again to complete the setup.

By following these steps, you can successfully complete the challenging Doomsday Heist in GTA Online. Doomsday Heist is challenging, and overcoming its difficulty is very rewarding. So, Doomsday Heist is challenging, and overcoming its difficulty is very rewarding.