Some Tips About COD MW3 Zombies

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) introduces a unique Zombies mode that differs from previous iterations. Here, we will introduce you to some detailed tips about COD MW3 Zombies, which will help us get a better gaming experience in this new game mode.

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Tips for COD MW3 Zombies

Here are some essential tips to help players navigate and survive in this new game mode.

Threat Levels

The map is divided into low, medium, and high-threat zones, each with varying levels of difficulty and loot quality. Players should be mindful of the threat level indicator on the H.U.D. to gauge the danger in different areas.

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Teaming with other players to explore the map and tackle challenges is recommended, especially when venturing into higher-threat zones. Completing contracts and earning Essence is crucial for upgrading weapons and surviving tougher areas.

Players can join another squad mid-game in squads of up to six by holding Up on the D-Pad and using the Right Stick to select “Invite nearby players to join your squad” or “Request to join nearby squad”.

Stay mobile

Based on the general knowledge of Call of Duty games and the nature of zombie modes, it is essential to stay mobile to survive and thrive in such game modes. Players should keep moving to avoid being overwhelmed by the undead and to explore the map for resources, weapons, and power-ups.

Staying mobile in MW3 Zombies is crucial for the following reasons:

  • Resource Gathering: Moving around the map allows players to gather essential resources, such as high-value items, gear, and currency like Essence.
  • Survival: Constant movement can help players avoid being surrounded by zombies, increasing their chances of survival during encounters.
  • Exploration: Mobility enables players to explore different map areas, uncovering new locations, objectives, and potential escape routes.

Field Upgrade

In MW3 Zombies, players can utilize Field Upgrades to enhance their abilities and combat effectiveness. These Field Upgrades are deployed using the Weaponized Aetherium Neutralizer Device (W.A.N.D.) and offer various strategic advantages.

Bring big mags

In COD MW3 Zombies, bringing big magazines for weapons can significantly enhance combat effectiveness. How to increase magazine capacity in MW3:

  • L.M.G. Upgrades: An L.M.G. with a 100-round magazine can be upgraded to 200 rounds per magazine, providing high D.P.S. and effectiveness against enemies with high health, such as bosses.
  • Pack-a-Punch: Pack-a-Punching an L.M.G. can result in a significant increase in magazine size, providing up to 600 bullets without the need for reloading.

Aim for the head

Aiming for the head in COD MW3 Zombies is a crucial strategy for efficient zombie elimination. Focusing on headshots can often result in one-shot kills, making it an effective practice for dispatching zombies swiftly.

By understanding these tips and tricks, players can enhance their survival chances and make the most of the unique features of MW3 Zombies.

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