Every week, WoW Insider brings you Blood Pact for affliction, demonology, and destruction warlocks. This week, Megan O’Neill splits the warlock loot over two weeks to keep things light.
Blood Pact Reputable sources of warlock loot in patch 52 MON
Various people have been referring to Throne of Thunder as Thund’uar, a name I fully intend to steal and use. It’s just a perfect blend of the new raid and its supposed raid model, Ulduar, with the expected troll-like apostrophe thrown in for good measure.

But this week I won’t be listing out the Thund’uar loot drops; I’ll just drop in with a lighter piece covering gear miscellany and the new faction offerings. Next week, we can discuss how the PTR patch buffs and nerfs fit in with the expected performance of warlocks in Tier 15 while listing out the loot, instead of dropping a lump of lists in your lap.

Item level wars between old and new

The common comment I’m hearing from others regarding patch 5.2 warlock loot is “Kael’s balls, that’s a lot of hit rating everywhere.”

The problem with really high item levels is you get a lot of whatever stats are on the piece, including hit rating. An example is Charfire Leggings from the new raid faction Shado-Pan Assault. Being a leg slot item, this will have a large chunk of stats, but here you can have almost a quarter of the hit rating you’ll need to cap, on one item.

This may lead some people to gather their hit rating on a few pieces and go for non-hit pieces the rest of the way, so as to maximize the use of hit. However, I don’t like to place all my bets on

I prefer to spread my hit around my gearset so replacing one piece doesn’t mean I need to switch up a bunch of gems or to reforge another 3-5 pieces to replace back enough hit. So I will probably grab a bunch of hit pieces and then reforge out of hit this time instead of reforging or gemming into hit. Being a little below the hit cap won’t kill me.

The other gear-comparing question that’s burning in players’ minds are whether the sha-touched weapons are worth keeping far into the next tier. Some others have already done some weapon comparisons, and I agree with the math. The short of it: a twice-upgraded normal sha-touched weapon will last you through Thund’u-LFR, but you’ll start replacing it with normal mode Throne of Thunder weapons, which can occur as quickly as boss #2.

Your sha-touched weapon won’t be useless, but it’s not going to outrank typical loot-tier progression like previous legendaries may have done before. On a pleasant note, the weapons in Throne appear to differ only really by which stats your spec prefers; they are mathing out evenly (so far) in overall DPS no matter what you use.

Tier 15 for warlocks

The 2-piece bonus for the Thousandfold Hells tier 15 set for warlock has changed slightly since we last heard about it: the affliction portion will see an increase in Haunt’s duration during Dark Soul, instead of an increased chance for shards. Combined with the 4-piece bonus, demonology and destruction ride tier 15 with the resource-based bonuses, while affliction just gets a flat damage bonus that might balance out the nerfs to affliction’s tier-14-preferrred Grimoire of Sacrifice talent.

As far as (un)important details like how awesome the tier set looks, I think I will be sticking with my old tier 14 transmog. This new Regalia of the Thousandfold Hells reminds me too much of the red-light saturation that was Firelands, and it’s not as pretty as that spider set from Firelands. But who knows, maybe someday the funky faces on the shoulders and helm will come in hilarious need. 

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