The Tillers are one of the factions that were introduced in Mists of Pandaria, the newest World of Warcraft expansion. Heading up Pandaria’s agricultural faction, the Tillers make their home in the most fertile portion of the Valley of the Four Winds in a town called Halfhill. Currently there are three distinct activities that players can participate in regarding the Tillers:

The Tillers are a very unique faction in that they allow the player to farm a plot of land (Sunsong Ranch). Here players can plant their own crops, improve the farm, and even eventually earn the right to call the farm their own. Farming Sunsong ranch is not about earning reputation with the Tillers, although some quests related to the farm do earn favor, Sunsong Ranch is all about the joy of farming. Farming on the ranch requires the player to at least reach level 85.

The Tillers sports 10 individual members that players will need to interact with and earn friendship with. This friendship is tracked separately from the faction as a whole. Gaining friendship with each member can be done by digging up gifts and delivering them, bringing the member his or her favorite dish (limited to once a day), or completing a quest given to you by that member. Most duties that earn friendship do not reward Tillers reputation. Requires level 90.

Daily Quests
Daily Quests for the Tillers faction take place in Halfhill. These Daily Quests reward reputation for the entire faction as well as the member of the faction that the quest ends at. Daily Quests for the Tillers require level 90. 

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