Another addon to consider for tanking monks is BrewmasterTao, which eschews the cooldown monitoring and such to simply focus on creating a bar that allows monks to easily monitor their stagger and the internal cooldown of Power Strikes. Their bar changes colour depending on whether your stagger is light, moderate or heavy, and new features are under development — this, like the other monk addons, is still in its infancy!
Addon Spotlight Vital Mists Addons
Next is a mistweaver-specific healing addon. While you can, of course, use addons such as healbot, grid and clique, VuhDo and so on for your mistweaving ways, the creator of MistWeaver has designed something specifically for the monk healers out there. If you check out the screenshot below, wow gold for sale from the developer’s page, you can see the different buttons relating to the different elements of mistweaver healing, and what I think is a good way to monitor resources and replenish them with mana tea as well as thunder focus tea adjacent to the bar. Clicking the chi bar uses your Chi Brew. It also separates out the renewing mist buttons into their own area, as you can see below.

My only criticism of this addon is that it didn’t seem to want to let me remap they key bindings, so I had to use the pre-set ones for my meager allotment of healing spells. I would prefer more customization, but for now this is a great little addon for monk healers who want something more tailored to their class than the standard-issue healing addons. 

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