WoW player levels Pandaren to 60 without picking a faction

As we all know, when a baby panda grows up to be a big-boy or big-girl panda, he or she leaves the roost and sides with either the Horde or Alliance. It’s just the way things go. However, World of Warcraft player Doubleagent said “nuts!” to that and has refused to leave home.

Since 2012, he’s slowly but surely leveled his Pandaren Shaman from 1 to 60 without leaving the Wandering Isle. Once he finished the starter quests and outleveled the mobs, he’s had to rely completely on herbalism and inscription for his XP influx. He isn’t using heirlooms and said he won’t play the character unless it has rested XP.

The end result is a level 60 Pandaren that’s completely faction-neutral — and can talk to both sides.

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