Now onto some of the other lesser changes that have been announced. One change that was discussed was how the equalized loot and difficulty will require some changes in the way classes are designed. This is because when there are 10 players in a raid currently designers can not assume all abilities in the game will be represented, while in a 25 player raid they can.
This means that Blizzard will be further balancing abilities between classes so that 10 player groups can more easily be balanced to include all required abilities. This should make for some interesting changes for all players and classes. I am not sure if this is a completely great idea just yet as there are good and bad points. The ease of creating a group is a definite plus. However the homoginification of the classes may result in less individual flavour for each class, which is a definite negative.

Another change is that while raids will likely still be gated to control the pace at which new content in each one can be accessed, the limited attempt mechanic will likely be removed. Personally I always liked this mechanic as it game you a reason to try your best and potentially something new on each attempt of a new limited boss. With unlimited tries on a new boss it allows the team with the most time to beat the boss first (assuming equal skill between the teams, and most top raiding guilds are all fairly close).

Lastly for the changes is that Blizzard has stated that for the first round of raids they do not want them to overshadow the heroic 5 man instances. This is a definite change as traditionally the progression path at level cap has been: Instances, heroics, raiding. This means that potentially players could still be collecting upgrades in heroics even as they hit the second tier of raiding. I am pretty sure that most raiders are going to flip over that alone! 

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