Tier number three offers talents that help generate chi. The best option for

consistent chi gains is power strikes, as it will be nearly a flat 1 chi per 20

seconds. Ascension can be useful to make a windwalker’s rotation flow more aptly,

but is not as much a gain as deadly strikes in the long run. chi brew can be useful

if there’s a very small window of opportunity to burst down a target.

Discover more about the Monk class from this Monk Compendium offered as an unofficial

guide for the new Mists of Pandaria playable class.
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Tier six brings the damage talents. For sustainable aoe damage, the rushing jade wind

is key to success, making your spinning crane kick hit significantly harder in the

process. For single target, Invoke Xuen the white tiger will win out as the friendly

companion does a slight aoe damage, but high single target.

Windwalkers are the DPS build for Monks in the Mists of Pandaria expansion. Monks

utilize energy and chi with their martial arts fighting style to deal damage along

with some utility healing on some talents.The WoW monk build for Windwalkers will

have some variations, but from beta experience, I’ve concluded on the key talents

for success.

The first tier for the Monk windwalker involves movement abilities. You have the

choice of being able to roll 3 times on cooldown, a sprint that clears snares and

roots or your rolls stacking a speed gain. I’ve found momentum to be the best choice

here all around, as you can cover so much ground which equals DPS gains in most of

the content in MoP.

Wow Monks second tier involves chi expenders. You choose a hybrid ability that deals

damage and healing. Chi burst is a strong aoe for 7+ enemies or in a 25 man raid when

you can heal the entire melee pool with this powerful spell. Chi wave works similar

to a shaman’s chain heal and chain lightning at the same time, healing 4 allies and

damaging 4 enemies, this I found most useful in 10 man raids. Zen Sphere can be a

good constant aoe when used on a tank or when you need the heal over time effect on

yourself. This talent depends on what type of content you’re doing.

Crowd control for wow pandaria leveling monk at tier four, the best option for a

melee windwalker is leg sweep, as it is an aoe 5s stun all around you. Charging ox

wave is useful if enemies are spread away from you.

Tier five talents are all about survival. Most fatal damage hitting melee will be

magical, diffuse magic is the most powerful cooldown in these situations. For

encounters with little to no burst magic damage, Monk windwalkers will do best with

dampen harm to prevent any physical bursts. 

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