Using the powers of mana and chi, mistweavers are the healing specialization of the

newly added Monk class with Mists of Pandaria. The unique play-style of mistweaver is

that this monk spec will be taking advantage of dealing melee damage which heals

their party and raid members for equal amounts of their damage at the same time. Monk

mistweaver also have the traditional healing style of casting heals on players.

This post is a good starting point to familiarize yourself with the Warcraft Monk

class. For more in-depth content, game-play strategies and build recommendations,

check out this Unofficial Monk reference book.

Mistweavers have some more clear cut talent choices than the other specs, there still

is some room to customize but there are definitely some clear cut winners.

Tier 1 talents at level 15 have an obvious choice. Celerity gives the monk the

ability to use their roll or chi torpedo a 3rd time per recharge and decreases
wow - world-of-warcraft Wallpaper
recharge time by 5 seconds.. This talent is recommended by general wow mop leveling

books for monk because you will be using chi torpedo as it is a no resource heal.

Tier 2 talents for level 30 are all viable choices. Chi wave works similar to a

shaman’s chain heal, in that when you cast it, it heals up to 4 targets (bouncing)

and damages up to 4 enemies in the same cast, definitely a solid raid healing option.

Zen Sphere is a long heal over time that also causes damage on enemies around the

shielded target, you can recast the zen sphere before it’s expiration to “explode”

the sphere dealing burst aoe damage and heal around the target. Chi burst puts out a

wave of healing and damage between you and an ally.
Zen sphere will be the obvious choice to tank heal or on fights with many adds on the

Chi burst is the choice for 25 man large scale raids
Chi wave will be the choice for 10 man raids, as it’s heal will be effective on half

the raid.

Tier 3 has 2 talents that are situational against each other.
Power Strikes causes your jab ability to create 2 chi charge once every 20 seconds.

This talent is superior on fights where you will be viably meleeing for most of an

encounter. The other option is chi brew, which is an on use talent that restores 4

chi. This will be superior for burst healing or if your play-style won’t include

jabbing in melee.

Tier 4 being the control tier has a clear cut winner in charging ox wave. The wow

monks guide send out a 30 yard stunning wave of oxen, which doesn’t require the

mistweaver to put themselves in danger. This will most likely be the standard for WoW


Tier 5 is the defensive tree, again for the monk mistweaver there is a clear cut

choice of diffuse magic which gives the monk 90% reduced magic damage and will put

any magical damage over time effects on the monk back on their caster. The other 2

options are built much more for brewmasters.

Tier 6 has the best option in chi torpedo. Synergizing with the tier 1 celerity

talent, roll becomes chi torpedo which deals damage and heals wherever you roll. The

huge advantage to this ability is that it has no resource cost besides it’s own


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