When queuing for Looking for raid (aka LFR) in World of Warcraft, I spend my time being as I call it “productive”. How can you be “productive” waiting in que for 30, 40 or even 60+ minutes? The answer is very simple.
You go, pick an instance that’s solo-able and farm crap out of it.
A Closer look at Ramparts :

Some people might say.. what is it in ramparts that’s farmable? Well there are 2 things : Runecloth and greens! This is by far the BEST and the FASTEST place to farm Runecloth. The trick to get Runecloth here is to set it to Normal mode and NOT heroic! If you’ll set it to heroic, you won’t see Runecloth dropping because heroic dungeons were available to players lvl 70 only and we want to farm cloth that was dropping at lvl 55-60 dungeons. That’s why I farm it on normal mode.

Of course I go very fast and try to pull every mob/dog possible. I only go to where the stairs start and get out of LOS so all mobs from the cooridor come to me. Then I aoe the crap out of them in few spins and loot… looting is the longer process ;) As I mentioned in my other posts here on this blog, my profession is Tailoring on this toon, so as I get 2-3 (stacks each stack has 20 cloths), I make bolts to maximize my bag space to loot other items. When my bags get full, I fly over to mailbox by the inn and send greens to my enchanter. With bolts of Runecloth I buy threads from my Tundra Traveling mammoth (that mammoth is very handy when it comes to solo farming). I then make Runecloth headband. Then I mail them to my enchanter again to be disenchanted. 

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