Now that you have done all your research and gotten ready, most of your work is actually done. You know what you want, where you should fit in, and are ready to go.
Take some time and put in some effort on the application – Most raiding guilds have websites and online application forms. Even if you talk to them in game, most will refer you to the website to apply. Take this seriously, it is your way to tell them about yourself. Sell yourself.

This means you need to give them as much information as possible. If the form is 10 questions and you answer in 10 sentences you are probably not going to get in. On the flip side, don’t give them your whole life story hoping that they will let you in just because your dog died last week. Keep the information relevant and enlightening about your self. State who you are, what you bring to the table, what you are looking for, and why they should pick you.

Part of this application is about being neat, organized, and professional as well. Show that you care enough to spell check and grammar check. Explain yourself completely and in an organized way. Think of this as applying for a job and you won’t be far off. 

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