On the day of release, the system update happened, but there was no Guild or anything else included in the update. Many players stood outside of the guild, trying to dig for a trapdoor. Shortly after the ‘false’ update, another update was released containing the proper content. Some players have reported to have received the Quest Complete interface over and over, re-receiving the experience reward. This has not currently been fixed. German worlds were not loadable after the update. This was fixed after 10 minutes. Players are unable to enter the locked room, however inside the room there are chests with the option to loot. There is also a door that can’t be examined or clicked in the room. It has, what appears to be, a locking mechanism on it, suggesting it could be a vault.

This little store is more like a thieving black market vendor. It requires completion of Lost Her Marbles to be built. It sells lock picks, blackjacks and other thieving tools useful in the guild. It is similar to Runescape gold store in the Rogue’s Den. No General store items are sold here, only thieving equipment and tools. However, Derek will buy things or RS gold like any other General store. This store is probably used to generate money for the guild via sales. This is a branch of the Bank of RuneScape. It requires completion of A Guild of Our Own to be built. It is opened due to the guild being officially registered at the Registrar. It runs all the features of any bank outlet. This bank can be useful for a convenient bank in the north of Lumbridge.

The banker, implies that the Guild branch of the Bank of RuneScape may have a dodgy origin and may be an irregular or illegal branch. This would be in keeping with the spirit of the guild. The Thieves’ Guild banker indicates that the guild’s bank may have a dodgy origin. In the past, Mr. Pinsworth did not have a right-click “Collect” option. After a recent update, Mr. Pinsworth has the “Collect” option for your Grand Exchange items. The Thieves’ Guild is very large once fully expanded, or even when partially expanded, with many facilities and rooms to offer. These can be used for training, for banking, for shopping, and for a few other purposes. 

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