It seems that Garrosh’s Kor’kron Guard are ramping up their action against the Darkspear trolls in Orgrimmar’s Valley of Spirits. Wowhead’s Perculia reported on this earlier today, and WoW Insider had to go check it out for ourselves.

And it’s true, where once there were snake vendors roaming freely, now there are trolls cornered and watched by the Kor’kron overseers. There’s no business taking place at all, and almost all the NPCs have different things to say to the would be purchaser, or indeed, trainee. My shaman trainer responded thus when I interacted with him:
Not now, shaman. I cannot train you today.
[Your trainer's voice lowers to a whisper] The Kor’kron watches our every move. Garrosh has the Valley of Spirits under his thumb.
You want to help? Find Vol’jin. He will know what to do.
while Perculia reported her rogue trainer saying the following:
Ya need trainin’? You picked a real inconvenient time to come pokin’ through the Valley of Spirits.
[Your trainer's voice lowers to a whisper] The Kor’kron watches our every move. Garrosh has the Valley of Spirits under his thumb. I could be killed if they saw me talkin’ to you.

Lucky for you, they don’t ever see me. Lean in close, [name], we gotta keep this on the down low.
The other NPCs have various different dialogs that all tell much the same story: Garrosh’s grunts have taken over the Valley of Spirits, and are preventing the trolls from doing their business. Sijambi the innkeeper is the only one who still seems to be open for business, but it’s possible she is running some sort of racket, as her hammocks are packed with sleeping Kor’kron.

But leaving her aside, the trainers can’t train, the auctioneers can’t auction, the vendors have nothing to sell, even the banker won’t allow you to make a withdrawal. At present, the Kor’kron are both friendly and un-reactive, not allowing themselves to be provoked into combat.

Every now and then, a lightly dressed Vol’jin Loyalist will run through the area proclaiming that the other trolls must fight the oppression:
Unfortunately, just after making this brave assertion, the Vol’jin loyalist was shot dead by a nearby Kor’kron overseer. All the Vol’jin loyalists were. It’s all rather sad, and the breakdown of the Horde’s key city is indicative of Garrosh’s brutality, as well as, perhaps, indicating a clear fore-runner in the race to fill his shoes. It’s becoming clear why, while it remains unconfirmed, this patch is being referred to as “Escalation”. 

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