If you ask me there really is no saving this game, I am suprised that Blizz. did what they did, but at the same time I’m not, they allowed there greed to overshadow the creation of good quality product, which all one has to do is see the words REAL MONEY AUCTION HOUSE, to know this. An, expansion is a likely fix, but all this will do is polish this already polished turd, it still won’t change the aspects of the game that enraged everyone. Even, your standard MMO games have less strings attached to it than this SINGLE PLAYER GAME with a MULTIPLAYER FUNCTION. The sad part is that every single assessment I made about this one came true. Faboys are going to rail me for this comment, personally I really don’t care, you can defend the turd that is D3 all you guys want, in the end its still a terrible game.

It pretty much followed Diablo 2′s formula: destroyed town region, desert region, castle siege region. The only thing missing was a jungle region, which may arrive in an expansion. And where are the set items? They made the loot much more interesting in D2. Aside from the RMAH, which is for suckers and scammers, the design is surprisingly crappy.Instead of trying to cash in on the MMO phenomenon, Blizzard would have done well to make a solid single-player experience with co-op play. Blizzard dreamed of dollar signs, hoping to turn farming into gameplay — but no one was fooled.

I’m sure there are great game designers working on the Diablo 3 project; unfortunately, Blizzard turned them into accountants.I don’t think this has as much to do with quality, story, offline modes or auction houses.  I think it is probably much more likely that many players have finished the content the game provides.  I am sure once new content or an expansion is released player numbers will go back up.


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