The Director Of Albion Online Reveals Changes To Hector Outlands

While last week we revealed to you the changes that the new update will bring to the Hellgates, Robin Henkys, the director of the game, reveals the changes Hector will bring to Outlands.

It is in a summary video of the development of Albion Online that Robin Henkys, director of the game, reveals to us the changes that will be brought to the Outlands with the update Hector.

The Outlands

The first change, and not the least, is the suppression of all harbors and black zone cities of the Outlands. To compensate for this, a massive portal will be available in Caerleon, central city of the Royal Continent.

It will be connected to the different regions of Outlands, with four different outlets for each part. Depending on their difficulty, the low regions will have green exits, the mid will have yellow exits and the higher ones will have red exits.

The use of this portal will be free of charge. However, using it will bind you to the output used as well as to the chosen region, in order to limit certain guilds in the use of the portal. As a result of these changes, Nefarious or Dreaded reputation players will be able to enter Caerleon, as it will once again be considered as a black zone city.

But be careful! If you have objects stored in the maps listed below, be sure to move them before the new update comes online, to prevent them from being deleted when removing harbors and black zone cities!

  • Aberdown Harbor
  • Cawl Quay
  • Clack Quay
  • Farewich
  • Fort Thursair
  • Harlech Quay
  • Lowe Quay
  • Lyme Harbor
  • Mull Quay
  • Noss Quay
  • Pember Quay
  • Sheerbrough
  • Sunder Quay
  • Tenby Quay

Changes For Black Zone Rewards

First, the distribution of resources will be readjusted. The number of resources will be the same in each area of Outlands, but the rate of appearance of enchanted resources will be higher in the most difficult areas. Nevertheless, the rate of appearance of enchanted resources will be higher in the black zone than on the Royal Continent.

Secondly, the functioning of the watchtower territories will be modified, in order to make the GvG more interesting. Thus, the watchtowers will be the only places where you can find T8 resources, which will reappear at the local GvG time of the territory. If your guild does not have a watchtower, you can always loot those guilds to collect T8 resources.

Sandbox Interactive is currently testing an anti-zerg display in the Outlands, on the live server. This will serve to show groups of more than 10 players on the minimap and will bring more actions and also more balanced fights.

The official launch of Albion Online is fast approaching, since it is in beta until July 17, 2017. For the players of the beta, Hector will be launched on June 7, 2017 on the live server.