The Dark Below’s mysterious Xur bounty may lead to an amazing new Exotic

In Destiny: The Dark Below, Eris hands out a mysterious quest to purchase an item from Xur. Where will this lead?

After you complete a couple of The Dark Below quests, of course, you can chose destiny power leveling to help you. Eris will offer you a bounty to purchase a mysterious urn from Xur, as well as other bounties that continue the storyline.

Nobody’s been able to do this legitimately yet, as Xur only appears in the tower on weekends, but fans believe the urn may be the start of a rather unusual Exotic bounty.

Drawing on details data-mined from the game, fans on the forum and Reddit expects turning in the urn to trigger a new requirement to complete four bounties for Eris.

Destiny First Look Alpha_20140612222846

Should you manage this feat, Eris will award you an auto-rifle called Husk of the Pit.

The weapon isn’t very impressive at first glance; it’s not even Uncommon, let alone Rare, Legendary or Exotic. But there are a couple of reasons beyond its unusual acquisition process to suggest there’s more to this gun than meets the eye.

“Dessicated and nigh-inoperable this Hive artifact still manages to send shivers up your spine when fired,” says the in-game description of the rifle.

“The Husk exudes a sense of sinister satisfaction when used to expire its former allies,” according to the first perk.

Now things get really interesting: according to the current theory, if you finish the Crota’s End raid, reach the fourth reputation level with Eris, and use materials earned in the hard mode Raid on the Husk of the Pit, it will apparently evolve all the way up to Exotic, gaining a stack of new perks on the way.


The end result, Necrochasm, does Arc damage and causes Thralls to explode when killed with precision shots.

Quelle intrigue! All this must be treated as rumour now, as even if the information was correct when data miners pulled it out of the files, it may have been altered before the expansion launched.

Should Destiny The Dark Below Be Free?

Before we start, let’s see why this DLC will be added to the game:

It will raise the level cap up from 30 to 32, giving players access to new gear in order to reach that level, it will include three new story missions, two strikes, three mutiplayer maps, a new raid level, new vendor and some brand new weapons. This all sounds great, but it doesn’t account for the DLC’s price tag.

Should Destiny The Dark Below Be Free?

First of all, Destiny has a pretty small amount of weapons and armour, as all players already know all of them and what they do. Introducing new gear into the game should be seen as an ordinary update, Bungie should keep the flow of adding new stuff constant and give players exciting new items every time Xur comes to visit.

Second of all, there are rumours that Destiny’s new story content is already present on the disk and this is pretty believable as we all remember the glitched areas in the alpha stage of the game (Seraphim Vault ring any bells?). So its obvious that there’s more on the disk than it is presented to us at this time, and I’m sure that those locations along with their respective missions will be featured in the upcoming DLC’s, whether it’s The Dark Below or House of Wolves. So there’s no reason to pay for something that is already developed and on our disks. Not to mention the areas and scenes presented in the first few trailers of the game that do not appear in the released version of Destiny.

Bungie’s latest creation, Destiny, has been through a lot of changes since its launch (which wasn’t that long ago) and the devs keep on morphing it. But small changes, fixing, and patching didn’t bring out Destiny’s best yet, as the game’s final stage is still all about grinding, farming and monotonous routine. So everyone is excited about the upcoming first DLC called The Dark Below which will include all kind of new stuff. This expansion is going to cost players $20 and while some may say that’s a small price, the fact is, it should be totally free.

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