To Destiny, The Dark Below is a Marked Improvement.

While we’re just over 24 hours into the next expanse to the Destiny universe, playing through The Dark Below shows that Bungie is moving in the right direction, even if the title still isn’t what we expected from the studio at launch. With a significant improvement to the looting systems, farming methods, and variety, Destiny is back on track as the top shooter available.

The Guide of Destiny Raids

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Destiny: Will revolutionize the way farming

A few days ago, in Destiny’s update, They added a material exchange process to get materials. So this video attempts to, in a funny way, say goodbye to the farming that was once required, and hello to the new way to farm in Destiny. This is a big change that many guardians are thrilled about. It is sure to save them hours upon hours of riding around on their sparrows looking for material to upgrade their weapons and armor.

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