Using Path Of Exile Vendor Recipes

There are quite a few vendor recipes in Path of Exile and some are more useful than others. Most are in fact not worth using consistently but there are a few that are easy to use and produce more valuable poe currency. Below is a basic list of vendor recipes you should be using to increase your wealth.

Path of Exile

1. Quality gems for Gemcutter’s Prism: you know all those spammers who are constantly buying low-quality gems for 1 Alchemy? If you vendor multiple gems with a combined quality of 40% you’ll get back a Gemcutter’s Prism. If you do some simple math with the currency trading ratios you’ll notice that one GCP is worth about 15 Alchemy, so buying 8 gems with 5% +quality each would nearly double your investment.

2. Chromatic Orbs: it’s possibly the easiest of recipes: you simply vendor an item (of any rarity) with 3 linked gem sockets of different colors (RGB) and you’ll get a Chromatic Orb. While it’s definitely not the fastest way to riches in PoE you will constantly find them while leveling and farming. Many players don’t even bother picking these items up so be on the lookout for them while farming in groups.

3. Chaos Orbs: there are three Chaos Orb recipes. Both require you to sell a full set of rare (yellow) items: 2H Weapon (or 1H and Shield), Head, Gloves, Boots, Chest, Belt, Amulet, and two Rings. If all poe items have +20% quality you get back 2 Chaos Orbs, and you get 1 if you sell them without +quality. Since finding rare items with decent +quality is fairly rare I usually just use the non-quality recipe. Finding Armourer’s Scraps isn’t too difficult as well but you will burn through your stacks very quickly if you keep using them for the recipes.

Don’t waste your time. As I said at the beginning there are tons of vendor recipes but most of them are just a waste of time. If you want to maximize your farming time and income I suggest sticking with the three main recipes I mentioned above and ignore everything else. Picking up random + quality items or flasks and selling them for Armorer’s Scraps/Blacksmith’s Whetstones/Glassblower’s Baubles is basically a waste of inventory space and time. They are nearly worthless and if you miraculously end up needing that currency it’s extremely inexpensive to purchase.

How To Sustain PoE T11/12 Maps Without Sextants

Players are having a hard time to sustain maps especially t11 and up in path of Exile. Therefore, the following post is a guide about how to sustain t11/12 maps in 3.1 without sextants. It is good strategy for players that have little time to play.

Path of Exile

  • You need to complete every single map from t1 to t8 and uniq maps.
  • It’s worth to buy guardian completions at global 820 for bonus!
  • You should have enough poe orbs.
  • You need to have vaults (not shaped) as your only t9 map.
  • You have to have no t10 maps!
  • You can pick any map you want from t11 to t15 that you want to drop, for example i got Shaped Atoll and Spider forest as my t11.
  • Try not to have low value red maps, no castle ruins and so on, so that way if map drops its a valuable map.

By doing this strategy and running your wanted t11 and up maps you will only drop maps you run and vault maps that are worth same as the map you run.

For example, when you start with 20 shaped fields and after running them you may have 32 maps. Some were t11 and up (that you may want to run) and others are vaults that you exchange to maps you want to run.

However, if you devote your atlas to let’s say t11 Atoll, that would be preferably t1-t9 completed (t10 as well as long as there is no preferred shaped map here), t12 empty and t13-t16 completed. That is around ~130-140 bonus completion, probably only around ~110-120 if t13 and/or t10 aren’t fully completed because of another shaped map.

Additionally, having a “limited atlas” also doesn’t exactly “starve” you on maps either, you just need to put more poe currency into buying a base of maps, chisels and sextants.