Madden NFL 18 Achieve Players’ Anticipation

Many players are already looking forward to Madden NFL 18. The game is part of the sports genre and is expected to hit the market in summer 2017. Before the actual release, however, no bargain can be expected. On average, you pay 65 Euro for a pre-booking.


Anyone who can not do anything with sports games will probably not be really happy with Madden NFL 18 either. EA Tiburon is responsible for the development of the title, while Electronic Arts takes over the publishing. On the following gaming platforms will be Madden NFL 18 according to current information appear: Xbox One and PlayStation 4. About the target group of the game is already much known. In particular, it is aimed at all who are enthusiastic about the annual Super Bowl. We also have an interesting fact for you: Tom Brady, Quarterback of the New England Patriots, this year is the Coverstar. Fortunately, it does not take so long until the title appears. On the 25th of August 2017 the time has come.

For the first time in the history of the franchise, Madden NFL 2018 will use the Frostbite graphics engine, which has yielded so good performance from Electronic Arts titles such as FIFA or Star Wars Battlefront. With the new technical architecture, the meetings will increase their dose of realism, realizing the delights of the lovers of this exciting sport. By the way, gamers can buy mut 18 coins online at Madden-Store to make a finely personalized Madden team.

Madden NFL 18 In Test

With “Madden 18” EA Sports serves the first version of their football classic with the Frostbite Engine. Last year successfully introduced in the FIFA franchise, Frostbite is to help raise the Madden franchise to a new level. Whether this is EA Sports and how “Madden 18” plays, we reveal in our test.

No year without a new Madden offshoot. Not a year in which we do not wait longingly and hope that the great revolution will finally come. Or, at least, an evolution which, after a long game, proves to be a revolution. With “Madden 18” it could finally be so far.

madden goat


EA Sports has also released “Madden 18” as a GOAT edition, which is especially for the MUT (Madden Ultimate Team). In the GOAT version, you will receive 7 Madden Ultimate Team Squad Packs, 1 Elite G.O.A.T. Player, 2’500 Contracts, 1 MUT Uniform Pack, and 3 days earlier access to the online experience.

Whether the extra price for this special edition is worth, everyone has to decide for themselves. For football fans, who play a lot of Madden, surely an exciting option.

Either way, every buyer of “Madden 18” gets a piece of GOAT. Because the GOAT is decorating the cover this year. Number 12 of the New England Patriots, Tom Brady, succeeds his team colleague Gronk. Do not want him to be maddened by the Madden curse. In the last few years it has always been the case that Madden’s cover-athlete suffered a serious injury in the new football season or entered a raven-black season. Rob Gronkowski, the cover hero of “Madden 17”, was also injured for a long time. In the pre-season games one and two definitely lost, the patriots. But Brady has only played in the second game – and only briefly. It remains to be seen whether the Madden curse still hits.

Whoever plays the first minutes “Madden 18” immediately notes, the latest offshoot is really the GOAT. At least until the new Madden will appear in autumn 2018.


The Frostbite engine ensures that the player models get a real boost again. The faces of the players now look much better than in the previous versions. Players are more realistic than before. The game gets a big touch of the real NFL-Football, especially in the simulation mode. The jerseys look better than before. More details in the reflections of the helmets also ensure that the overall package is more real. But what EA Sports has totally spanked are the movements of the mouth. The players speak, for example, with the coin toss. This looks so robotic that it is almost ridiculous for the year 2017.

On the other hand, what is great is the stadia. These are generally more lively, the atmosphere is denser. The spectators get better with the action on the lawn and at the latest when you play in the Super Bowl and the fans sing MVP calls, the goose bumps are perfect. This is huge fun. As is generally the playing of the new Madden.

The players are a bit faster in the new Madden than in their predecessors. Generally one has the impression that everything runs more smoothly. The new camera angle ensures that more dynamics come into play and the happenings on the pitch are experienced more intensively. Everything that has been perfect so far has not been touched by EA Sports. So you can get around very quickly and can get into the action right away.

The game must be installed as usual. But you can start playing quickly, as the Super Bowl with the New England Patriots against Atlanta Falcons will be installed first. So go up on the lawn and into the action. Dive into the new Madden and have fun. The integration of the Frostbite Engine has been absolutely worth it. It is a big step for the Madden franchise. But not the biggest one made with “Madden 18”.



Last year EA Sports in “FIFA 17” took the player on a very special trip. The Journey was the first story mode in a sports game from EA Sports and has caused a lot of sensation. Also we were more than just done. We could hardly solve the story around Alex Hunter. And with every minute of The Journey’s game, we wondered why there is not such a thing at Madden and NHL?

EA Sports has asked this question several times and has served in “Madden 18” the first story mode for their football franchise. Longshot is the mode in which the player appears as Devin’s calf. A former five-star high school quarterback, who had turned away from the football for three years and is now drawn to the NFL draft at once.

The big opportunity is therefore reality and the hunt for a place in the NFL begins. Devin Wade is not alone on his journey. Friends stand by his side. Counterparties act as counterparts. And then there is Dan Marino, one of the biggest quarterbacks in history.

Mathis, a small town in the state of Texas is the home of Devin Wade. An unimpressive place. Thanks to the Frostbite engine beautifully animated and so completely different from the big NFL cities. But that is precisely the goal. Finally we want to compete with Devin in the NFL and there in the big stadiums and win the Super Bowl. Quasi from the wooden benches in the provincial stadium, where we chat with our friends under the floodlight, up on the football Olympus.

We would like to tell you the whole story of Longshot. But we would anticipate the best part of “Madden 18”. This would be a pity. So let’s leave the story details away at this point. But what we betrayed is that “Madden 18” alone is worthwhile only because of Longshot. The characters were played by real actors. You can tell. They have depth, just like the whole story. Longshot captivates you immediately. It’s the best thing Madden has to offer.


The Madden offshoot with the number 18 is a game changer. On the one hand, because of the integration of the Frostbite Engine, which makes Madden play even more smoothly, has more depth and all in all more fun. On the other hand, of course, mainly because of Longshot, the first story mode in a Madden. The story captivates from the beginning. The figures offer a large identification area. This is entertainment on a high level. With “Madden 18” EA Sports brings fresh air into the franchise and ensures that the game is as big as never before. The latest offshoot comes in a GOAT version. A well-chosen name, which is at “Madden 18” program. If you love Madden, you have to get the new version. And everyone else actually.

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