Destiny Urn of Sacrifice Guide

There are two new quests from Eris, and you’ll be able to collect when you complete The Wakening quest,One of them is Urn of Sacrifice that requires you to purchase Urn of Sacrifice item from Xur. It costs 1 Strange Coin. Once you get the Urn, visit Eris and continue the storyline.

Kill 25 Thralls

In order to fill the Urn with burned ember you have to kill Thrall with Solar Fusion rifle. You can start The Dark Beyond moon mission on level 9 heroic difficulty and use Murmur on fire setting or Vex Mythoclast. Any help for destiny power leveling visit

Where to find Cursed Thralls

Your next objective is to kill 5 Cursed Thralls. You can finish this task in different ways:

  • Patrol Cosmodrome, go to skywatch. Get to the room were you first meet the hive. Clear it. Back right corner has a lonely thrall, kill that one last. Now it will spawn some thralls and cursed ones. Kill the normal ones, melee a cursed one, get back out to regen health. Ignore the knight. More details for the room: Remember the first time you face a wizard? Head that direction. Just before you get to that room, you go up some stairs. Just before those stairs, you’re in a dark room where you need your ghost’s light on.
  • Jump into the new Omnigul strike! The Telthor mission “Chamber of night” has many cursed thralls!

If you don’t pick up the items they stay on the ground, even after death resets they will not disappear.

Defeat hive acolytes and wizards with void damage

Your best choice is to start the Dark Beyond moon mission for this task, because it has quick enemy respawn about ~15 acolyte kills per runs (0 wizards). The Telthor mission CP net about 30 per run. You can also try The Summoning Pit strike.

Kill Urzok

You’ll find Urzok during a Public event – Enemy moves against each other. It’s a very tough boss with a massive Arc shield. It’s better to find a help to take him down. Urzok seems to spawn in any public event or even just roam around the cosmodrome! Ritual of sacrifice.

Ritual of sacrifice

Go to the moon and complete a special mission called Ritual of sacrifice! Do this on hard and earn 5 Motes of light!


+33 Legendary gloves

Guide And Walkthrough To The Game Of Destiny


This unofficial guide to Destiny mostly consists of detailed description of all the most important elements, thus making it significantly easier to start your adventure with the game. In this guide you will find information about, among others, details on character creation process. All available character classes (Titan, Hunter, and Warlock) are described, as well as their special abilities and equipment. The guide also includes information on the locations visited in the game and interactions with other players(cooperative or competitive). A large part of the guide consists of a walkthrough of the storyline missions and the description of side quests and random events. Thanks to this guide, you will learn what types of missions there are in the game, what is the Tower, as well as how to use specific materials. The whole thing is enriched with maps of selected locations with important places marked on them (merchants, mission givers, etc.), and a list of all available achievements/trophiesDestiny is a game developed by Bungie Software Studios, which in the past was made famous mainly thanks to Halo series. This time you play as a Guardian, who travels across the galaxy and takes part in exciting adventures. Destinyputs great emphasis on playing with others, although it is also possible to play alone. Most missions can be done in co-op, but there is also a PvP mode that allows battling against living opponents.



The content of Destiny guide:

  • Description of the three character classes available in the game, along with their unique abilities;
  • Description of equipment elements and how to get them;
  • Description of in-game locations;
  • Description of interactions with other players (cooperation, rivalry, and others);
  • Walkthrough of the story missions;
  • Walkthrough of the side missions;
  • Rules of participation in Events;
  • High-quality maps of key locations;
  • List of achievements/trophies along with hints on getting them.

To grind Vanguard Commendations and Reputation in the faster way


As we all know, The first Destiny expansion brought many changes to the current method for purchasing Legendary items. The Dark Below DLC introduces a new one named Vanguard Commendation. Now, Commendations can be Vaulted and traded between your characters. These Commendations are tokens you gain after increasing reputation rank with Vanguard vendor. They can be used for purchasing new Legendary items from Vanguard vendor, which will help you increase your Light and reach Level 30 / 31 without playing the Raids. Of course, you can buy destiny power leveling to level up faster. The only way to gain Vendor Commendations is upon reaching Reputation level 3 and up with Vanguard vendor. Each Reputation level brings you 1 Vanguard Commendation in Reputation Reward Packages delivered by the Postmaster. Purchasing the following items requires 1 Vanguard Commendation per item:

  • Legendary amour piece – Helmet or Chest
  • Any Legendary weapon

How to farm Vanguard Commendations

Before you decide to go farming Vanguard reputation make sure you’re not wearing a factions reputation item – (cape, bond or skirt), as it prevents you from earning vanguard reputation.  Fastest way to grind Vanguard Commendations and Reputation Continue reading To grind Vanguard Commendations and Reputation in the faster way

Tripwire defends Killing Floor 2 PS4 port

The boss of Tripwire Interactive has moved to explain his company’s decision to make a PlayStation 4 version of previously PC-exclusive co-op sci-fi horror first-person shooter Killing Floor 2 after some expressed concern over the move.
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How Can You Minimize Your Risk When Taking on FIFA 15 Coins Investments?

How Can You MinimizeYour Risk When Taking on FIFA 15 Coins Investments?

The aim of this guide is to shed some light on how you can minimize your risk when taking on investments. The guide will cater for players which are as low risk as it gets, and also players which are slightly higher risk.

To begin, you will all know that every player in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team has a quick sell (discard) value. These quick sell values are essentially a safety net, providing you with an insured amount of coins. Before getting into the nuts and bolts of this guide, we’ll begin by listing every quick sell value with regard to each player rating;
Please note: Many of these rating categories will obviously be unattainable at near quick sell value.

Gauge how susceptible a chosen player is to rise in price (both in the short term and long term).

For your reference, check the listed quick sell values to see whether it can act as a safety net on your investment.

Sell at an inflated price (hopefully) when you feel the time is right. You should use your experience of the FUT 15 Transfer Market here, but we’ll provide analysis further on in this guide.

Use the profit you make to re-invest in other players (preferably hovering around their quick sell value, or their consistent going rate, further limiting the risk). It’s difficult to lose many coins if the player is purchased outside of a market crash period, and consistently sells at the rate you purchase him for.

The key to gauging how susceptible a player is to rise in price is to think in terms of their supply and demand. Assuming no events cause a fluctuation in supply (keep an eye out for these), you should pay particular attention to their demand.

Note: The main events which can cause a fluctuation in supply are; pack offers, a quality totw (more packs opened), and those which hoard investments and sell at an obvious time, constantly undercutting one another.

What can increase the demand for a player?

Firstly, and in terms of this coin making method, a player with favourable stats (or sometimes even mediocre stats) can see an increase in demand when they are the specific requirement for a hyped FUT 15 Tournament. Scarcity is key here, as similar alternatives will allow FUTers to scope the cheapest option. The hype of a tournament will be dependent upon two factors; mainly the win rewards, and secondly the publicity generated (for example a popular YouTuber may enter the tournament for the fun of it, causing many of their subscribers to also do the same). Your focus should be on players that many other FUTers will want to use for their teams.

Why invest now if the tournament is 5 months away (especially with an upcoming market crash)?

We knew you would be thinking this! The idea is that you pick up the players when they are close to quick sell value as they could potentially rise at any time. It just so happened that with the extra publicity, more FUTers took note and started purchasing them. The addition of Shane Long in TOTW 9 also helped secure his price increase. Their values as of now are as follows;

Shane Long: 950 coins Playstation 3/4, 750 coins Xbox 360/One
Aiden McGeady: 1900 coins Playstation 3/4, 1400 coins Xbox 360/One
Not bad profits in a short space of time!

We anticipate that prices will fall to nearer their original values throughout the looming market crash (during Mid December until Mid January), and will rise thereafter in the build up until the tournament. You should focus on certain players nearing quick sell throughout the market crash.

What tournaments can this coin making method potentially be used with?
It’s fairly difficult to get specific, other than the St. Patrick’s Day tournament, as tournaments will change for the most part from year to year. With this being said, your focus can also shift to ‘events’ that cause a player’s demand to increase.

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The Guide of Destiny Raids

Destiny Raids consist of 6 man friends only fire-teams that must utilize teamwork and cooperation to explore and clear large areas complete with bosses and puzzles,which is very different from strikes.

The Guide of Destiny Raids

There are two difficulties: Normal and Hard. Normal mode focuses on learning the Raid’s mechanics, communicating with the team, and strategizing.[2] In addition to everything in Normal, Hard mode focuses on more difficult execution, including deadlier enemies, increased Raid mechanic difficulty, and a harsher death penalty. Hard mode is unlocked after the Raid is first completed on Normal.

Raids begin around level 20 once the main Story missions of the game end, and if you want to level up quickly, you can choose destiny power leveling. Raids will most likely take several hours to complete, and may take several tries to beat. Vocal communication is a must, which is why there will be no random matchmaking for Raids like there are for Strikes and the Crucible.

Part of the raid will focus on gearing up – mainly for clearing the other part of the Raid that might be too difficult to complete otherwise. Raids will also have a certain mystery to them, devoid of waypoints or markers telling you what to do.A list of Raids will be available upon the game’s release,Waiting for its coming soon !

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