FIFA 20 Passing With Defenders

This is another of those 1% areas we have been talking about so much. Being comfortable in possession with your backline is essential in the modern-day of FIFA 20. To be able to maneuver the ball quickly and effectively across your backline or into the midfield will enable better overall possession and you’ll be able to tire your opponent.


TIP: Use the new driven pass by holding and pass R2, to move the ball around the back four, quickly, and sharply. Be sure to take care with the defenders’ first touch, so you don’t get caught out in possession.

Play the way you’re facing
Defenders, mostly, don’t have higher statistics for passing as your midfielders or strikers will, therefore it is vital that, where possible, you make sure that the player you’re playing the pass with is facing (or as close to meeting as possible) the player who will be receiving the pass. This will increase accuracy, the tempo of your play, and make the ball easier to control for the player receiving the ball.

Use the goalkeeper
Inevitably, you will come under pressure from strikers when you’ve got the ball at the back. This will be due to high demand and the opponent becoming frustrated/wanting to win the ball back ASAP. It is vital that you don’t panic and that, if you find no other pass available, playback to the GK. Make sure you’re facing the GK (if possible) before playing it again and try to play the ball to the GK’s stronger foot.

TIP: Use the alternative driven pass, also.
Not many people use this pass when they’re playing the ball across their back four, and it’s hard to understand why? It’s accurate, and it’s played with speed but on the floor, which makes it easier to control for your players. This is a high pass to use when you can see (using the radar) that there is no opposition player between your CB and your FB. It is far more effective than the lobbed pass as it will get there faster, which gives your defenders more time on the ball to work it forward. The driven pass can be performed by holding R2/RT when powering up a lobbed pass. It uses the laces when playing the pass, which enables the more powerful and effectiveness of the pass.

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