Create more goals in corners on FIFA 15

A list of Team of the Week has already been released by EA Sport on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team mode, and a new tutorial video is coming out at the same time, which teaching players how to create more goals in corners and deal the different football simulation happening in corners.

create goals, in corner

In about 3 minutes the company explains the major strategies that can be used for short or long corners and how a team can take advantage of its various strengths in order to get the ball into the net from a fixed position.

Switching to the receiver, which is new to FIFA 15, is very important because it offers more options for gamers to use against a stubborn defensive line.

There are also some tips for defensive action and the most important advice offered by EA Sports is to always try and move the ball away from one’s own goal as quickly as possible without trying to pass out of the box.

The tutorials created by EA Sports for FIFA 15 are important because they offer a quick and relatively easy learning experience for those who might be new to the football sim or gamers who have not relied on a particular side of the title so far.

This ensures that almost all those who play online or in the Ultimate Team mode are skilled enough to offer a pleasant match to other members of the community and the game remains engaging in the long term.

create goals, in corner

Despite the fact that no major patch was introduced by EA Sports all winter transfers that took place in the real world are at the moment live in the game, which means that stars like Cuadrado can start contributing to their new teams.

The studio is also delivering more Team of the Week packages for Ultimate Team and presumably will also implement some community focused events in the coming months.

With this new tutorial video, players can be a good shooter, who can even make goals in a corner, which most people can not deal with.

Are you shocked by FIFA 15 transfer update in last minute

We try our best to find out FIFA 15 transfer players, which is well know and have a big move to a different club until the last minute, for 24 hours. And we get some result which you want to know most.

be shocked, FIFA 15 transfer

We can see that many gamers are asking what time does the transfer window shut in UK and for those that are still not aware, it’s 11pm GMT on Monday February 2.

As always, EA will be keeping a close eye on the action as they prepare to put the FIFA 15 transferred players into the database as soon as possible.

The developer has been very swift this year, by moving players around almost instantly after they have moved – we saw evidence of this with the likes of Wilfried Bony and Samuel Eto’o, who are now no longer at Swansea and Everton respectively.

The question is, who are you expecting to see in a last minute FIFA 15 deadline day transfer update? There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Danny Ings to Liverpool, while Manchester United fans may not be happy to hear that Januzaj may be moving to Everton on loan.

be shocked, FIFA 15 transfer

Meanwhile Chelsea FC fans are sweating on a possible Juan Cuadrado deal and Man City may be trying to secure a move for Real Madrid’s Pepe.

This is a really exciting day to all the FIFA players in any case, whatever the footballers we love have a good end result. Do you have some new guys, which you will choose him as one of your Ultimate Team?

The update of FUT transfer last month

It is a important time for all fans of FIFA 15, when the January transfer window come
to a close, all players have their favorite footballers to choose for ultimate team. And finally the January update released, then everything they care about is clear.

update, FUT transfer

As the window grows older more transfers are made between clubs, and a FIFA fan’s game becomes more and more out of date. This is an obvious frustration that leaves millions tearing their hair out as they frantically edit their game’s squads, trying to keep up.

This makes the day that FIFA releases the January update all the more special. It’s bigger than Christmas, really.

However, this year, EA Sports has taken the unprecedented step of releasing a number of high profile transfers early to appease the undoubted high number of disgruntled gamers all over the world.

update, FUT transfer

This newest update, released on January 29, is the fourth update we’ve had already, and we’re not even in February yet! This is more like it, FIFA.

The biggest moves that have been updated so far include: Wilfried Bony, Fernando Torres, Christian Rodriguez, Jermain Defoe, Xherdan Shaqiri, Rasmus Elm and Florent Malouda.

Normally, and very frustratingly, we are forced to wait for up to a week after Big Ben strikes 12:00am on January 31 for the update to be released.

update, FUT transfer

The winter window is a tad skewiff all over Europe this year as every major league’s transfer period ends at different times. This made the release date of the update very much uncertain.

Many expected it to arrive on February 7 but EA has already quashed those rumours by releasing these world stars early.

Are you satisfied with the FUT transfer update? How many footballers have you bought yet?