Diablo 3 adding transmogrification and enchanting

The upcoming Reaper of Souls expansion will add a new artisan, known as The Mystic, who is capable of transmogrification and enchanting. Enchanting is similar to WoW’s reforging in that it will allow you to reroll a single item property. The Mystic progresses from level 1 to 10 like the Blacksmith and Jeweler.
    Most item properties can be rerolled, but some can’t (no details yet).
    You can reroll that one property as many times as you want, but once you choose one you can only reroll that property.
    Before you replace a property, you can see the possible replacements. One of these will be randomly chosen once you complete the enchant.
    If you don’t like your rerolled property, you will have the option of reverting it to the item’s original property.
    Enchanting costs crafting materials and gold.
    Enchanting an item makes it bound to your account and it can no longer be traded to other players.
    All items will be eligible for transmogrification, including legendaries and set items.
    Once an item appearance is discovered, it is available to all characters on your account.
    Common, magic, and rare item appearances are unlocked as your FFXIV Power leveling level The Mystic.
    Legendary and set item appearances are unlocked when you identify them.
    You do not need to keep items in your inventory for their appearance to be used, and once they are unlocked you are safe to get rid of the item.
    Transmogrification costs gold.
    For weapons, you can only transmogrify items of the same animation set, e.g. two-handed swords to two-handed swords.
    Transmogrifying an item binds it to your account.
    Transmogrified items can be dyed.
I really hope they implement a similar system for WoW’s transmogrification. Unlocking an appearance, as I suggested in a previous post, would solve a lot of inventory issues some of us collectors are having. Head on over to the Diablo 3 site to see the full preview of The Mystic.
Source: http://wow.joystiq.com/2013/10/24/diablo-3-adding-transmogrification-and-enchanting/

The Elder Scrolls Online :With dozens of choices across each category, there are thousands of possibilities in all.

Art director Jared Carr walks through the various steps of creation in the video below. It’s a huge system, allowing you to tweak a number of things on your character, including race, species, body shaping, height, hairstyles and tattoos, as well as the width of shoulders and overall build, in case you feel like having longer legs for durability. With dozens of choices across each category, there are thousands of possibilities in all.
Bethesda Softworks recently unveiled another piece of the puzzle, the character creation system. It’s here where people can craft the ideal warrior of their choice.
“The Elder Scrolls Online” is gathering huge buzz leading into its early 2014 FFXIV Power leveling release, what with its massive online universe and epic battles that are awaiting would-be players.
The video didn’t quite go into depth about the different armor types available, but, considering it’s “Elder Scrolls,” you can expect those options to be vast as well.

A Realm Reborn server transfers free from Oct. 15 to Oct. 21 in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV promises 'fairly substantial' first update
Square Enix today announced that the World Transfer Service will open Oct. 15–and just to make sure everybody can group up with their friends, transfers will be free through Oct. 21.
Users will be able to transfer their characters from the FFXIV Power leveling Mog Station, though certain worlds may be unavailable because of fluctuating populations. More than a million players have registered a month into the game’s launch, after all.
It’s perfect timing if you want to celebrate All Saints’ Wake with formerly distant friends: the Halloweeny event decks out the world of Eorzea with costumes and suitably spooky decor, and opportunities to be tricked and treated in a new quest which stars a roving circus troupe. It will run from Oct. 18 to Nov. 1.
We already enjoyed Square’s resurrected MMORPG quite a bit, but more is on the way. Check out the video below for a look at FFXIV’s upcoming PvP arena Wolves’ Den, which sets two teams of four heroes against each other.

Final Fantasy XIV : Saints’ Wake Halloween event

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy 14 will be throwing a Halloween-like event All Saints’ Wake this Friday, October 18.

For two weeks until November 1, all three city-states in the online rpg — Ul’dah, Gridania and Limsa Lominsa — will undergo a wicked transformation. We’re talking about pumpkin lanterns and other spooky decorations popping up throughout the streets.

Players will also be able to collect and wear fanciful and ghoulish costumes. Cosplayers are encouraged to switch to their witch gear while catching the freaky spectacle FFXIV Power leveling coming into town care of the traveling circus troupe.

Together with the All Saints’ Wake event reveal, Square Enix announced as well a World Transfer Service beginning Monday, October 21.

If you would like to celebrate Halloween with your friends in one server, then avail of the world transfer you still need a complete a full server switch.

Final Fantasy XIV: Welcome to Eorzea

There have been a few hiccups along the way, but hundreds of thousands of Final Fantasy XIV players will be scampering around Eorzea as the relaunch of Square Enix’s MMO arrives today.

Many will be logging in—or remaining logged in from Early Access—to revel in the wide expanses of a lush new world. It’s always exciting to jump into an MMO on day one to see just what’s on offer, but just what does FFXIV bring to the table?

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, the problem that many fledgling MMOs have is a lack of community. Just from the response to our new sites XIVwiki and XIVDB, it’s obvious there is a passionate community already encamped. It’s unlikely you will be hitting empty servers when you log-in.

Though we will be producing a proper in-depth review from the illustrious Ragar in the next week—once he has enough play time under his belt—my first impressions of FFXIV are of an old school, gorgeous MMO with a large world and an abundance of content, all with a very particular Final Fantasy flavor. Though FFXIV has a very crisp and modern engine, there’s a very nostalgic feel to the gameplay and world that I find very endearing.Here to supply Buy FFXIV Power leveling

Hopefully, the server issues that have dogged the game in recent days have alleviated enough to make everyone’s experience enjoyable.

Coalition government banned women legend tournament in Iran

League of Legends players will be Iran’s World Cyber Games will be played Sept. 12 start in just a few soldiers. Iranian Government has shorts MOBA scantily clad FEMME fatales, in a knot, and therefore competition participants will have to do without champions including AHRI Miss Fortune, Lulu, and dozens of services.Here to supply Buy FFXIV Power leveling

Kotaku reports that Iran may be forced to shut down completely WGC tournament, if it does not comply with the ban, although it is worth noting that several female avatar means “being considered to play the game.”