Has there ever been a worse kept secret? As early as 2007, observant RuneScape fans have been avidly watching Google Maps for the construction progress of our latest adventure: Wet ‘n’ Wildy, the RuneScape theme park! You are not able to feeling RuneScape on your computer, but also in real world. Much runescape money is waiting for you!
That’s right, at the end of 2010, RuneScape will formally be opening our doors and portculli, allowing you all to come and meet your favourite personalities, experience the thrills of living in RuneScape, and even sample its varieties of cheese. It still has a few details to confirm, so this is where you come in: we want you to vote in the poll, on the front page of RuneScape.com, and offer your thoughts on prices, rides and plush toys. RuneScape can also offer a blog, accessed from the bottom-right of the RuneScape.com frontpage, which gives insight into how such a huge endeavour was tackled and brought to life, written by Mod Paupersen, our Wet ‘n’ Wildy project coordinator. If you need RS game help, our site can offer you the best money in RuneScape without doubt!
Looking forward to seeing you all on opening day! 

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