Hello lovely readers, We have a special Post for you today as we are joined by a guest poster. This Woman is a Pmod, AND has a large youtube following. Her name, is Miss Liddles, but im sure you have all heard of her! If not, click here to subscribe to her YouTube channel.  Also, to discuss this topic, visit our forums by clicking here
RuneScape Screenshot
As you may or may not be aware, The Runescape HTML 5 Beta was released to the people that signed up for it, and we have footage, and a review of it for you today. Check the Video out below, and then you can also read the other opinions from Miss Liddles below the video.

Part one of a three part first impression series of Runescape 3 with Miss Liddles.
To kick things off in this episode we cover Edgeville, Ice Mountain, Draynor, the top of bitg Varrock Castle and Wizards tower to check out the capabilities of HTML5.

For those who are somewhat unfamiliar with HTML5 and what benefits it offers Runescape once it’s fully implemented I thought I’d mention a few of the perks that it gives such as a much improved draw distance aka you can see more landscape around your character, better graphics and more smoother gameplay once the HTML5 is optimized to suit all semi decent PC’s.
People with lower end machines can still play with Java which requires lower computer specs.

Personally I’m really looking forward to Runescape 3 coming out of beta and being fully implemented. As a video maker the draw distance will greatly improve the
quality of in game videos I produce especially with the orb of oculus as pre-html5 there was always the issue of ‘fog’ being shown in videos which looked pretty
bad. Another aspect of Runescape 3 that I’m excited about is the new fully orchestrated soundtrack which I think will be a huge step forward and it will be cool to use some of the music in my own videos to set the mood.

Anyways I do hope you enjoy the video and be sure to check out the other two parts if you have time and remember to subscribe if you’re interested in more Runescape related content from me such as guides, vlogs, discussion videos and more. 

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