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Hey guys! It’s HomelessRyder again, bringing you another EoC money making guide! This is going to be another low level and low requirement guide, like last time, and will have a little bit of combat mixed into it for a little bit of experience while you’re making good money! Anyway, let’s get on with the guide.
The requirements:
RuneScape Screenshot
1. Low to high level combat stats. It again doesn’t matter if you use range, magic, or melee.

2. The quest “the Blood Pact” done. If you don’t have it done, it’s about the easiest quest in the game that only takes about 5 minutes to compete (if that)!

3. Some basic starting cash to be able to buy some gear.
The method: The first thing you’re going to want to do after you get geared up is head to lumbridge. Now head south from the castle until you reach the grave yard, and enter the catacombs. Once in there, you should see a set of stairs to your left. Click in those, then one more time, go down another set of stairs.
You should now be in a room with nothing in it but directly south there should be a room of cockroaches. Just keep going through all the rooms until you enter a room with a monster called the “warped bat”.

Kill these, and fairly common they will drop a purple object called a bat wing. These go for about 1.8k-2k EACH on the Grand Exchange! Continue to kill these, then bank (preferably in the lumbridge castle), and repeat until you have the desired amount and then sell them for a great profit!
Ending: Thanks for taking the time to watch/read my guide. If you enjoyed it please leave a like on my video, and subscribe to my YouTube channel! It would be much appreciated. Until next time! 

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