Simon and James have the Corporeal Beast and Nex in their sights this weekend as they attempt to take on these mighty foes in the Evolution of Combat. On Saturday 14 July they face ‘Corp’ and, on Sunday 15 July, Nex is in the firing line. How will they prepare? What tactics will they deploy? Which of the new combat abilities will have the most impact? Watch all the action unfold live on their YouTube Channel as they Live Stream the whole thing straight to a screen near you!

Don’t forget that all members can jump into the combat beta themselves this weekend – and every weekend throughout the combat beta period. So why not take some tips from the pros and make this weekend a good old boss killing frenzy! Go grab the very best gear (all free of course on a beta server) and head to your boss of choice for some epic battles. And if you send us a screenshot of your battle to, we’ll put them together into a Facebook album for the whole world to see. Finally, the weekend beta events programme is now in full swing so make sure you keep an eye on the news, or like us on Facebook, to get all the event info straight into your news feed. Just as soon as the bosses have recovered from their pasting this weekend, we’ll be announcing the next weekend event which will take place on 21 and 22 July.

That one is a real date for the diary as it will be the second weekend associated with the task required to unlock the exclusive Mad Scientist outfit! Buying our 10-spin package will get you a total of 15 spins, while the 20-spin package will get a whopping 35 spins overall – so make sure you get in quick if you want to take advantage of this limited-time offer! To find out about the spins available or to take advantage of this offer, visit the billing page or simply click the ‘Buy Spins’ button on the Squeal of Fortune interface. You can purchase spins and rs gold via credit card, as well as paypal in selected countries. 

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