From ignorant came to the game to have real feeing of the game, i think wow is not only a internet game. It contains life philosophy and intension, which can’t get from other game for earning money. In wow, people should help each other. They need to know kindness and evilness; beauty and ugliness.

First playing: died in 3 minutes
During inner test, new player village’s blame was not as neutral properties as present. They could automatically attack players, so my first trip of warcraft only took 3 minutes. After being killed by monster, I left the world of warcraft disappointedly, I think this game is too bad and the priest didn’t have attack ability. I was killed after going out from the door. Monster’s attack ability was very hight. They can kill me so easily.
First role: shemale!
Later i came into the game again, it was 2007. 7 zones had been opened at that time. It also the end time of my magic baby. I think its life was end, so I escaped. When i went back to wow, i still chose priest and i was shemale and my name was a girl name. Every time i got on line, many friends called “xx sister comes”. It has been a habit.

The first real weapon of priest: pray
It was very successfully to get pray. Dark shadow’s eye was sent by friends. After getting ready the two materials, i read a lot of strategies and prepared a lot of drugs. At first, I was always failed. The No.1 priest in guild said to me “let me help you. Two priests can do it together.” but i refused his help, as my guild leader said, you are not a qualified priest if you couldn’t do it alone. Just for getting in a rage, i played wow the whole night. After seeing the hint of finishing the task, i couldn’t say any word a long time.

First plaint: it is only a game
From the first time i came to the game, i really know a lot about it. WOW is not only a game any more. If someone asks you someday “what are you playing in wow so long time? I don’t know what your answer will be. But at least i have my answer: it is not a game, but enlighten your life. I don’t play it, just use my heart to experience it.

1. Honor
There are a lot of knights who attack initiatively in wild under current version. A lot of people choose knight just for the power of Coranial. In these knights’ eyes, they only cut. I just want to ask knights who cut little number, do you think you are a Paladin when you weave your knife to a weak little number? Maybe someone say, now that you choose your camp, you must undertake your camp’s honor. What is honor? It is fighting until the last moment, not the bad mind to kill weak number. When someone attacks you, you could strike back severely. The title “Paladin” is an honor. Insisting your faith until the last step, you just deserve the title. At the same time, it is not only knight to attack little number in wild. Fast food knights’ overflowing brings a lot of curse. Every career has its own faith, please don’t stain your title.
2. Humility
I read a lot of words on the internet about knights complain it is not easy to stay in lower coranial. No one ask your download copy; cut by other people in battlefield. No one must work for you. When your punishment is not strong enugh, please change milk knight to download copy. Why give knight 3 talents? Put your location in the right place at every stage, you could enjoy the fun in game, not complain others always.

3. Scrifice
The so-called “scrifice” doesn’t only give a interference when FB damages a group. When the massacre group has arrived in th hall of the king and only you are in there, will you choose turn furnace stone of stand in front of king and fight until the last minute? When only you and a priest are fighting in Okuyama and enemies’ military has came in front of you, but you can’t resist it. If there is no CD, only treatment, will you give it to yourself or priest? The knight’s fame is exchanged by blood. It is silent payment, ibution, protect until the last moment. It is respect for a knight.

4. Bravery

When a strong enemy play rushes to your teammates, do you run away? Or use your skills to fight with him, just become a died body, you must protect your teammates until the safe place? Knight’s sword only protect people around him, but as long as the hands are still in there, he must protect his people’s safety. I am a peaceful player and my PK skill is not good. If someone beats me in the wild, my first reaction must run. But when I have teammates, I not only protect myself. I would rather die, than let my teammates die. Freedom, protection, treatment, even I know I will die in a short time, I will try my best to protect my teammates. Don’t say it is impossible, just have a try. 

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