As every January 1st rolls around, people the world over begin making New Year’s resolutions. It should come as no surprise that we gamers do as well. Check out Pokket’s Gaming Resolution and then let us know what you are hoping to accomplish in 2013. Check it out!
I guess, in a sense, I did sort of set goals for myself in gaming. One of the main goals was to stop comparing everything to my first online game, Ultima Online. I really, really enjoyed the PvP and housing customization in that game, even to the point of addiction. I’d say seven years of playing it will make you a pretty hardcore fanboy, however, I found that by comparing it to other games, it made it hard to enjoy those new titles. Once I stopped doing that, it was amazing how I could finally manage to enjoy other games. I think this concept spans many areas in our lives and it is something that many of us need to work on constantly.

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