In world of warcraft, except for following the hero of the trip and fighting in war, players can earn gold and take part in gold-wide economy with other players together. The media of the trade is wow gold, but there’s silver and copper as the currency. The players often prove their work time through calculating large numbers of gold. And they use many methods as possible as they can stop the scammers and other players to plunder them. They particularly separated the gold from multiply places. There are some paths that most malicious players will use to steal your account. When you download third-party software and add-ons for “world of warcraft”, what you should do is keeping the information that related to your confidential account.

For instance, keep your anti-virus software up to date; use a strong password, your installation CD key and use caution. Now it’s time to step into a mailbox. Expand the “Send Mail” tab before right-click on the mailbox to bring up a dialog box. On the same server, filed your name of characters, and then type the represented label of your wealth. Since hackers will ordinarily only check your high-level characters for gold, finally you can send your gold to multiple alternate accounts. Stormmind or orgrimmar is less likely to be searched for, so you can deposit your gold in a bank in a major city. Or when you have guild membership, you can deposit the money in a guild bank.

In banks, guild bank deposit boxes are next to normal vaults. With your contributions tracked, more established guilds will keep a list of accounts, and before withdrawing money it will protect your money safe with a password through forcing you to authenticate your identity. More than 100 employees who are the best and most professional players are working shiftily in 24 hours a day, operating at the highest level of efficiency so that your character will reach the desired level. We are sure that you will get a satisfaction with our outstanding wow power leveling service. 

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