Outspark’s upcoming free-to-play brawler MMO, Dark Blood, has officially entered open beta today. The most obvious change players will notice since playing the closed beta is the addition of joystick and gamepad support, which should be a welcome addition to those who don’t consider themselves keyboard warriors.

If joystick and gamepad support aren’t enough to tickle your fancy, the team at Outspark have announced they are committed to regular updates to the game, beginning with a new update set to launch next week that adds a level cap bump, the opening of the game’s item shop, and a couple of events, including the Race To the Top and Fight Nights.

From noon to 1PM PT tomorrow, our very own Ripper X will be streaming the game as part of the Dark Blood Streamathon. Be sure to tune in over at our TwitchTV channel!

Finally, if you’re looking for a bit of guidance to improve your game, check out the official Dark Blood skill guides released today to give you a leg-up on the baddies.


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