Beta has been running for just over two weeks now and it had an amazing amount of feedback. The beta not just tuning and tweaking but making some real core changes based on what you’ve been saying. I want to highlight a few of the things have changed already and some of the things still working on. In Beta Now: Here are a few issues that already started to address. Some are from the update that just went out, while others may not have been clear from a previous update: if you already tried beta combat and thought it wasn’t for you, definitely get back there and try out the changes: it will definitely going to need more feedback and fine-tuning before really happy.

If you haven’t been in the beta yet don’t worry: members can drop in every weekend, and there may be chances for more beta testers in future. Auto attacks vs. Abilities: This is a big one for a lot of people. They wanted a more exciting and dynamic system that rewarded player skill and engagement, and they have got good feedback from players who were interested in that. They also wanted to provide a satisfying experience for those who wanted less engagement: they all like to kick back and do some training in front of the TV sometimes, and the new combat system wasn’t really offering that choice.

 In the latest beta update increased auto attack damage so that using them on their own is a satisfying choice. Best possible performance still requires good ability use, but auto attacking alone is more effective now than it was before, and throwing in an occasional ultimate will get you that special attack thrill on top. Avoiding Stun: Like many of you, weren’t happy with the way being stunned ruins your day. Freedom now works as the stun-escape we intended, and Anticipation now gives pre-emptive protection from stun. Remember that all the stuns share a cool down, so with good timing you can resist the stuns of a solo opponent with minimal disruption (and I’ll come back to multiple opponents later). When playing the Runescape and run out of runescape gold, you can come to our site to buy cheap rs gold with safety guaranteed. 

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