Occasionally, we like to touch base on big non-MMOs that we feel our readers would enjoy. Darksiders II from THQ and Vigil Games is one of those titles. Sequel to the vastly under-appreciated Darksiders, DS2 is looking like a masterpiece of the Action/Adventure RPG, and we’ve spent the past few days combing its depths.

If you’ve not played Darksiders, the basic gist of the series is that in the gameplay format, it’s an homage to the 3D Legend of Zelda series from Nintendo. Few games can compare to the house of Mario’s flagship adventure series, but Darksiders and its sequel are coming pretty damned close. Imagine if you will, a game that combines the dungeon-crawling and puzzle solving of the Zelda series, the RPG and loot aspects of something like Diablo, and the combat of God of War. Doesn’t that sound like a dream come true?

Hello, all! I’m John Smith, and I’ve recently had the unbelievable opportunity to join the ArenaNet team and work on Guild Wars 2 as the resident economist. Guild Wars 2 has an incredible virtual economy—one of the largest ever created. I’m excited about the opportunity to study and help mold the economy for Guild Wars 2. As Guild Wars 2 goes live and becomes a living world, I will be continually learning about its evolving economy, and as I learn I’d like to share my most interesting findings with you.

The particular Guild was a student in each of our meetup the other day (bloggers and also World wide web superstars — suppose that is that over), and now they may be gonna consider the floor in BlizzCon. We’ve been standing by to listen to just what Felicia and the forged must declare in regards to the spring, your upcoming comic book, along with the nerdy visit delaware force that’s the Guild.

Liveblogging begins soon after your split — hottest at the pinnacle. Must be entertaining!

Blizzard has put up the actual schedule for this year’s BlizzCon event, high aren’t lots of surprises whatsoever. All of us previously expected to discover the majority of the cells, consequently whilst there’ll be the usual faves just like tradition along with art solar panels for each online game, and two different Warcraft class sections (people will always be enjoyable, along with devs faced with participants using course stability concerns), there won’t be any unanticipated sessions sprouting up. They have not revealed, state, the “new Incredible expansion” cell, or even a “next-gen MMO” solar panel.

That doesn’t mean individuals won’t take place — it in all probability entails we can’t see presentations with regard to something announced from Friday’s keynote, because timetable is fairly entire already, but also in the past while Blizzard provides released an enlargement, by way of example, they often spend lots of time within the “Dungeons and also Raids” cell talking about what they’re performing while using new material. We’ll ought to notice.

Ultimately, it appears, relatively funnily, how the stay Direct tv send out in Fri could possibly cut-off get rid of the most popular competitions at the conclusion of the day — your transmitted ends with Eight, and also the challenges conclusion an hour later on. With any luck , supply subscribers will not likely will lose out on many of the enjoyable. They will not get that issue on Saturday, as the send out operates all through Ozzy’s live show. And of course, remember to increase our own meetup on your own schedule — we’re throwing issues away from on Thursday night time. Feels like enjoyable! 

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