The culmination of the anticipation from millions of fans has brought us here. We’re now on the cusp of Diablo III’s worldwide launch so I’m writing this post for general information on what to expect throughout the day on North America’s May 14th, which will spill over into Europe and Asia’s May 15th launch.

Database Updates

Diablo III’s retail client unlocks around 8am PST, which means it’s open for datamining. We will be taking the website offline for maintenance for what I hope will be a short period of time to update all of the sections with retail data. When the website comes back online, it will be spoiler city. We will keep any news we post protected with spoiler warnings, but if you decide to venture into quest, bestiary or zone sections, be forewarned that there will be spoilers.

Certain areas of the website may take a bit longer to update due to the processes we must undertake to make the data presentable. This includes NPC to Zone connections, hit points on NPCs, 3D models, and Zone maps. We are hoping to have the site 100% functional and accurate before the midnight launch in North America and will be working throughout the day to ensure we meet that goal.

Irvine Launch Party

One of our administrators, Sardis, will be flying down to crash Blizzard & Gamestop’s launch party in Irvine, California. He’ll be giving away free copies of the Book of Cain and chatting up anybody that wants to talk Diablo or to learn more about our website.

The Great Comment Purge of May 13th


As an unintended side-effect of a beta key contest we ran, many of you probably noticed the high amounts of less-than-helpful comments throughout the database sections. We spent the weekend filtering through and purging a large number of comments to prepare for launch. We apologize if any of your good comments were flagged as false positives and removed, but we felt this action was best to promote a healthy Diablo III community moving forward.

We have also reset the ratings on any comments in the Skill and Item sections. If a comment was rated higher than 1 it has been set to 1, if a comment was rated under -1 it has been set to -1. Due to the volume of new members during the contest that indiscriminately rated comments, it created a situation where it would be almost impossible for the community to self-moderate. We expect this decision will greatly assist our community in promoting helpful, informative comments and burying redundant ones.our prestigious company will fullfill any diablo 3 gold transaction with fast delivery,any fraudulent misrepresensation or fake statement will exterminated from our company,any customer who purchase D3 gold will obtain extra 5%-10% gold as the remuneration for frequently purchase

New Site Achievements

With the addition of our forum, many were wondering if we’d add a few new site achievements for activity there. I’m pleased to report that we enabled 4 new forum related achievements that are attainable on the 1st, 100th, 500th and 1000th post milestone. We’ve also added new achievements for submitting screenshots & videos on database sections. 

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