The two sides compete for the Storm in the eyes of four control towers and the battle flag of the map, each occupied by a tower will increase the occupation force’s victory points, the more the occupation of the tower, the team get more points, the occupation of a tower, the team Victory points will begin to slowly accumulate, each tower can speed up the points occupied by a cumulative rate, the battle flag regain control of the tower can be based on any one team to win wow gold, get 2000 points the first party to win points for the winner. Don’t pay inflated prices though; you will upgrade everything else eventually anyways.

If you’re like me and started your 80 to 85 questing in Hyjal, it’s time to rejoice, this will be the first reputation you’re actually running to exalted, and the reputation gained doing nearly every quest in the zone put me right around revered. Revered is a “meh” rep level. If players need to do more damage, it makes sense for that damage to be crits. The only real difference is that Vashj’ir is obviously a very unique zone as it takes place totally under water and it will certainly give you more of a “this is a new expansion” feel than Hyjal will. Hyjal is still awesome but it isn’t unique. However, that kind of overhaul might be worth it in the name of offering more interesting itemization choices.

This means that there’ll be 5 more levels of potential for players of Warcraft. Post-Ramkahen, you’re going to want to fly north to the sunny slopes of Hyjal to visit with the druidic Guardians of Hyjal. I hate early expansions when your first raid gear sucks and you can’t just enjoy fighting. Your average gear level needs to be lvl329 to queue for a heroic? A don’t want Assassination rogues to dismiss crit or Feral tanks to dismiss haste. The concept of a “rested bonus”, or increasing the rate at which a player’s character gains experience and wow gold, was also welcomed as a way for players to quickly catch up with their friends in progression. 

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