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This will likely be the last installment of our TERA Review in Progress before our final score is handed out and we let you all argue over whether I’m right or wrong in the comments (hint: it’s subjective). It’s been a grand few weeks of TERA, really. As you’ve seen from the first review in progress, all the way up until now, I’ve found myself pleasantly surprised by what Arborea has to offer, despite what roadblocks there were at first glance with the game’s beta. I’m now level 30, I’ve done my fair share of questing, dungeons, and sought after the BAMs of the world like a pro with my guild at my back. This week, anxious guilds are vying for position in the game’s political Vanarch system, and next week we all start voting for the first group of territory rulers. In short, I’m still enthralled with TERA. But there are some cracks in the veneer.

Does one game have to win over the other, or do they each have unique strengths, both in gameplay and business model that a player might enjoy both? Let’s dive in!

I’m not trying to play it safe when I say I fully see the benefits to both TERA and Guild Wars 2. That said: I can see myself being a whole lot more enticed by the latter. It’s just far more “new” to me, even though I’m loving TERA’s combat and world. What gets me about Guild Wars 2 is its sense of exploration and discovery. Meanwhile the combat and politics of TERA are what have me solidly enjoying that title. Luke and I are each going to briefly talk on three core components to any MMO and see how the two games stack up against each other.

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