This past weekend in Guild Wars 2′s final beta event, we had the chance to try out its latest Structured PVP Map: Legacy of the Foefire. Check out what Bill Murphy thought of it, even though he spent more time dead than alive in the included video.
I’ve never been all that great at PVP, but that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying it over the years. Guild Wars 2 seeks to offer up plenty of choices for the PVP enthusiast to get their jollies with, and this past beta weekend gave us our first taste of a new map: Legacy of the Foefire.  I put a little time into experiencing it over the final weekend event, and this is what I’ve learned. Capturing points against well-organized teams hurts, and I’m thankful that the respawn timer is quick. Oh, and it’s still a lot of fun even if you die a lot. I’d just suggest you bring some friends you can coordinate with if you ever want a shot at winning. 




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