Guild Wars 1 tried to be different from the other MMOs out there when it was first released, but some of the decisions that the designers made in the pursuit of that goal would make the game difficult to understand for a lot of players, and difficult to get into. So, many gamers are left looking at the looming Guild Wars 2 and wondering if it will be just more of the same. Others want to know if they have to play the first one to even be able to understand or enjoy the second one.
The message that every undecided gamer needs to hear is this: Guild Wars 2 is not a sequel to Guild Wars 1! ‘Successor’ might be a better term. The two games share the same backstory – the same lore, but that’s about where the similarities end.

Both games take place in a world called Tyria, but the Tyria of Guild Wars 2 is dramatically different from the Tyria of the first game. Cities have been drowned, mountain ranges torn up, new sub-continents have emerged from the ocean. There are plenty of reminders of the old world there for fans of the first game, but this new world has advanced a great deal over two centuries of in-game time. The Charr (the big, beefy cat-like race) has built a Death Star-like city, for badness’ sake! The Asura (the short guys with big ears and big eyes) have crafted a massive city of floating upside-down pyramids and holographic displays! This world may as well be a completely fresh setting. Not only that, but it is entirely hand-crafted. Not only are they not importing world geometry from the earlier game, but every single village, town, and city is unique, and so are the individual buildings within those cities! 

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