GamersFirst has announced that the most ambitious content upgrade to Fallen Earth has been successfully deployed. Called “Global Territory Control”, the update brings new content, updated landscapes and new player-crafted technology into the game.A massive amount of world of warcraft gold is ready to decorate your WoW world. Anytime you run out of gold for wow, just tell us! Ample stock also guarantees the fast delivery. Have a helpful customer service when you buy wow gold is really nice. Luckily we got a customer service team just like that. Please do feel free contact us if you have any questions. We are here for you around the block.


Key Features of the Update include
All new settlements and outposts throughout the world that can be conquered by each of Fallen Earth’s player factions
Capturing settlements grants sole property rights to the owning faction, allowing them to extract valuable resources from the territory
The faction with the strongest territorial claim gets a passive buff improving core combat skills, Precision, Power, and Death Toll, Experience, Faction, Random AP gain, as well as harvesting and crafting speed by 5-10%
All new level 50+ PvP area: The Foothills, filled with rare and valuable resources
Brand new player-crafted technology: Prospectors and Harvesters
Prospectors allow players to survey for resource-rich areas
Harvesters allow players to set up a device to passively extract materials
Brand new items and recipes acquired via Death Toll


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